April 30, 2010

better late than never

So, remember (approx. 1 million years ago) when I said that I was planning to enter something in Rae's Spring Top Week? Well, today is the deadline for entry, and even though my top has been finished for over a week, I just uploaded the photo to the pool a moment ago. I'm not very on top of things these days. In fact, it was recently brought to my attention that it's been over twenty days since I've even been here at all. Holy hell. How did that happen? I mean, it's not like I'm busy or anything! Just sitting around at home, raising a baby. Oh, right... that must be it. That baby- suddenly he's everywhere! Crawling around, pulling up on the furniture, bonking his head every chance he gets. Constant vigilance is my new middle name.

But anyway, the point is, I finally got my act together in at least one arena, on the very last day. Here's the top I made from a dress shirt that I inherited when Gus grew out of it got tired of it:

I cut my pattern pieces using a shirt from Old Navy as a rough guide for size, then just kind of winged it. The back of the shirt already had a box pleat, so I took advantage of that to add some fullness and then gathered the neckline up with a twill tape drawstring inside of a bias tape casing.. The sleeves are simply serged with a rolled edge hem and then gathered up with a double row of elastic thread stitching. I sewed the button placket shut to avoid any potential mishaps and eliminate gaping.

I'm pretty pleased with the result. I've worn it twice since I completed it, which I think is already a record for a top that I've sewn myself.

Plenty more to share soon, but at the moment my free time appears to be over. I hear the little one bellowing through the baby monitor as I type.