April 4, 2010

makin' memories!

Hey all, Happy Easter to you!

In case you're curious how we celebrated here, I'll provide a little run down of the highlights for you:

Woke up at 8:30 am to the sweet sounds of Lincoln talking to his monkeys in his crib. Impressed and thankful that he slept in so nicely for us, until we realized that it was really just a malfunction of the dumb futuristic alarm clock that we have. It had "sprung forward" this morning for no apparent reason.

Made waffles from this recipe (pretty much- except I didn't have enough yogurt) with my new birthday waffle iron.

Played on the floor with the little man. He's officially mobile now, so that's exciting.

Ham sandwiches for lunch. I'm counting that as our Easter meal, since Mom always made a ham for Easter every year, and we're not really celebrating officially. It's close enough, yeah?

A two hour nap for everyone! That might have been the best part of the whole day. Lincoln rarely naps that long, but today was a treat, and we took advantage of it.

And yeah, that pretty much wraps it up. Exciting day! And so clearly a tribute to the holiday... We figure that Lincoln's too young this year to remember anyway, so our laziness is forgiven. But, if I start planning now, maybe next year we'll be able to do something like these amazing ladies did to celebrate:

Beautiful Ukranian dyed eggs at Wisdom of the Moon
Insanely detailed egg crafts at Chez Larrson
Chocolate Easter Surprise Eggs at not martha

Alright, off to make some festive Easter tacos for dinner! Hope you all enjoyed your day!