April 2, 2010

We'll call her Roxy

She's done! And like I told David, I hope that Lincoln likes playing with dolls, 'cause she was really fun to make! Sewing all those tiny clothes reminded me so much of when I was a little girl and I used to make outfits for my dolls (and my dog- poor girl!)

And I've got to give it to Wee Wonderfuls- this whole pattern is great! Not only are the dolls easy to put together and super cute, but the clothes are fun and well designed too.

I made the little blouse and jumper outfit from some scraps and fat quarters that I had lying around. I decided that the fine-wale corduroy would be a perfect little jumper for this blue-eyed little gal, and the rest kind of flowed from there.

The jumper pattern calls for lining, so I selected a bit of Amy Butler's Kaleidoscope Dots for a fun pop of color. I appliqued the circle and a button to the front and used a bias trim leftover from another project for the hem rather than folding and hemming the skirt like the pattern suggested. Mostly just because I'm addicted to bias trim these days.

And guys, seriously. There's even a pattern for a cute little underwear outfit! Adorable. I decided on the pink stripe because it reminded me of some kind of old-fashioned ticking stripe little house on the prairie sort of vibe and it seemed appropriate for a one-piece underwear suit.

And oh my. Shoes! Cute, cute, cute. They're black wool felt, and I cut slits all around the top and wove the ribbon through.

Please note: if you have a child, you can tell them to expect one of these awesome dolls as a birthday gift at some point. I think I'm addicted!