September 10, 2010

Labor Day weekend

View from the cabin looking West
Originally uploaded by Gus & Lulu

For a few days over the holiday weekend, we were lucky enough to wake up to this view every day. It was absolutely beautiful! A big thank you to my sister and her family for sharing their beach cabin with us. It was a nice little getaway!

We did discover that vacationing with a toddler is less of a vacation and more of an adventure in baby-proofing on the fly and praying for naps, but it was a fun time nonetheless. Port Townsend is one of my favorite places. I love the architecture and the feel of the town, and all the cute little shops. Those little places make me daydream about the shop that I would love to run someday, or the big old Victorian B&B that we could own. You know, if we won the lotto and could afford to buy a ten bedroom mansion overlooking the water. I'm just saying... a girl can dream, right?

Back to reality though. We've been home for five days now, and our bags are still packed and sitting on the floor of our bedroom. Lazy? Maybe. But keeping up with this kiddo is hard work now that he's motivating. I have managed to sneak in a few projects here and there though, and I'll be sharing those soon.