November 24, 2010

so many great ideas!

That's what David usually says to me on Sunday night after we collapse from the exhaustion of trying to cram ALL THAT STUFF into one poor little weekend.

Sadly, we haven't really mastered the concept of balance, so we either spend a whole weekend with our butts firmly planted on the couch watching an entire season of Lost, or we go to the exact opposite extreme and decide to host a garage sale on the first below-freezing day of the year (Saturday), then cook an entire Thanksgiving meal while tending to a sick toddler (Sunday). That same sick toddler who couldn't sleep and has kept us all awake all night long for the last four days and then gave his nasty sickness to me. Not to be outdone, I went on ahead and gave it to David, and now we're all snotty and sore-throaty and a seriously pathetic bunch. Thankfully this all coincided with the epic snowstorm of 2010, so we've had a great excuse to hole up in the house for days on end, and our pendulum has had a chance to swing back from last weekend's extreme action to a nice gentle lull.

Which just means that I have a lot of time on my hands to start planning the next installment of MUST DO LOTS OF THINGS! NOW! Sorry dear!