December 1, 2011

twilltape goodies now tagged for gift giving!

It occurred to me the other day that it might be nice to include tags on my products, especially to ease gift giving a little bit. After all, it might not be completely obvious to a recipient what a Grab & Go Diaper Clutch is intended to be used for, and it's nice to know that you can throw my stand mixer cover straight in the wash- right? And since we're not always with our loved ones when they open their gifts, providing that info just seems like something that I should have been doing all along. So sorry!

The really silly part is that I made these tags up months ago when I sent the donation to the Hope Gala, for exactly that reason. I wasn't there to explain what the items were, and at the auction they didn't even have the website to get information from. Somewhere along the line though, I failed to make the leap into including them on every item. Sometimes I'm just a little slow on the uptake!

So, better late than never, you can now rest assured that your twilltape products will be properly identified from now on! Tags include care instructions, a little info about the product, and of course, the website info so your giftee can return to the shop and spread some twilltape love in another direction!

And in related news, there's a fresh new batch of mixer covers in the shop today. Get 'em while they're hot! Here's a taste (complete with cute little hang tag):

You can find the whole selection in the kitchen section of the shop. Thanks for looking!

November 30, 2011

a head start

We're so on top of things this year! Not only do we have a huge chunk of our holiday shopping done, but we've also already visited Santa and taken a ride on the holiday carousel! It feels so good to have accomplished so much just days after Thanksgiving. I mean, it is still November! Woo-hoo! Now let this be a reminder to our next-year-selves: GO SEE SANTA EARLY! There was NO LINE whatsoever when we visited Santa Lane yesterday. NO LINE! It was amazing. Epic. We had plenty of time to hang out with Santa and let Lincoln warm up a little bit. He still didn't love it, but it was a marked improvement over last year's screaming shot.

So I recently picked up a copy of Sewing for Boys with the idea that I might find a pattern for the perfect outfit for Lincoln's Santa photo this year tucked inside. Of course I would magically also have plenty of time to execute said outfit, would find the ideal fabric on mega-sale, and my boy would be the cutest little thing to grace Santa's lap in years. But then, we found ourselves at Costco on Black Friday (I know, what were we thinking!?!), where I found this cute little sweater and button-up shirt combo and decided that it was cute enough. And it totally is- right? Look at him! He's such a big boy!

But I will absolutely be returning to the book- it's fabulous. But this way there's no pressure of deadlines and I can actually enjoy the process! And BTW, speaking of Shelly Figueroa and Karen LePage (the talented ladies behind Sewing for Boys), they have decided to part ways and Patterns by Figgy's is no more. When I heard that, I immediately panicked and expanded my collection, adding to my much-used Tee for Two and Dapper Dillingers patterns with a couple of other classics before they're gone forever. I suggest you do the same! And then, check out the new line that Shelly has recently released under the name Figgy's. Beautiful, simple, and currently girl-centric following the recent release of the book. Love. Especially this little blouse and skirt combo. These are destined to be classics.

I also picked up the (out-of-print but recently re-released as a digital pattern) School Days Jacket & Coat pattern from Oliver + S when I saw it at a local sewing shop recently. Buoyed by my success with Lincoln's Ottobre coat, I've decided to try my hand at a raincoat for him too. I've wanted to forever, but it's hard to find fun printed laminated cotton that is cute for boys without being too cutesy- you know? Well, I think we finally found some, and I'm going to try to get to that project in the reasonably near future.

And speaking of the boy and his coat, here they are now! We snapped this photo just seconds before he demanded we remove him from the horse, before the carousel had even begun to move. He sat next to me on a non-moving sleigh instead looking incredibly unimpressed with the whole thing while David rode the horse. And then, naturally, as soon as the ride stopped and we had to get off, he decided he actually wanted to ride the horse after all. Oh, two! You fickle little beast.

I've got lots of other projects in the hopper at the moment, but I'll save something for another day. And maybe actually try to get one or two finished before I go and claim too much productivity. There are some things for the shop, some things for me (and my expanding belly), and some for Lincoln. Lots of fun to come! Hope your November was great and December is full of holiday fun!

November 15, 2011

Lincoln's New Coat

I finished a new winter coat for Lincoln this afternoon and I'm so happy with how it came out. Lincoln is too!

This is a pattern from Ottobre Design magazine, issue 4/2010. The design is #18, the Naava corduroy jacket. Sizes are 92-128 cm, and I stitched up a size 92, which is like a 2T. I added 1/2" to the sleeve length, which as you can see from the photo above, probably wasn't necessary, but Lincoln grows out of the length of things way before they're too small, so this should fit him for a long time.

I used 8 wale corduroy in a nice chocolatey brown, and lined it with pale blue. I was a little worried that the baby blue would read kind of feminine, but I think the masculine styling and the brassy buttons make this all boy!

The whole coat is interlined with TP971F, which is a heavy needled fusible fleece by Pellon. It will be nice and warm this winter! I'm so pleased with how professional this looks! I really didn't know what to expect with the minimal directions that are given in Ottobre magazine, but I worked through it step by step and was pleasantly surprised that everything fit together just like it should. And it was quick too- I started yesterday afternoon and finished today during nap.

Before I started I looked around for reviews and photos of other finished projects to see if I could find any advice, and there isn't much out there on Ottobre patterns on Flickr or Pattern Review, so I added some more photos and a review of my own. It can be so helpful to see how others have done things before you get started, so hopefully someone can benefit from my work!

November 11, 2011

For the holiday table

I've had the urge to do some last-minute sewing of things that would be lovely on a Thanksgiving or otherwise Autumnal table. Brown, gold, orange, and red are all around outside my window, and they are absolutely present in this little limited collection. I'll keep cranking things out as inspiration strikes, and plan to try to move on to Christmas before too long, but I'm just really loving orange right now!

I love to play with textures, and this metallic-striped linen called out to me! I think it's perfect for fall and adds just a touch of elegance to the casual brown leaf-strewn edges.

This bright tangerine paisley print is my idea of perfection. Subtle tone-on-tone pattern in a bold color that can be dressed up or down. I love the way it plays with the texture of the creamy linen too.

These placemat sets can be found in my Etsy shop, along with some other lovely things that would be a welcome gift for your Thanksgiving hostess. Or a nice treat for yourself! As time before the approaching holdiays are limited, quantities will be too, so don't hesitate!

November 10, 2011


I'm starting to feel rather whale-like, which is kind of disheartening given that I'm only a little more than half-way through this pregnancy! Still SOOOOO much growing to do. I know this, but I already feel like a beast, so I decided that some action needed to be taken to lighten my load in some way. The result is this:

With all the junk in my trunk and growing midsection, I think it's helping to keep me from feeling heavy all over. And it was getting to a point where I was just pulling my hair back into a ponytail or up into a bun every day anyway and expending zero effort on it. It was time for a change!

Okay, confession time. I really just put that picture there so that the ones that follow wouldn't be the first thing you saw when you came to my blog. I really did get my hair chopped off, but to fully understand where I was coming from, you have to see the belly that is creating the imbalance.

This is what I see when I look down these days. Well, obviously normally my shirt isn't pulled up, but you get the idea. Now, take a look at the ridiculousness that is my belly button for a second. If you can stand it. Need a closer look? Here:

Is that not the dumbest thing you've ever seen? And yes, there's a weird little knob protruding from the center of my belly button. When my belly isn't being turned inside out by onboard occupants, that little nub is tucked inside a regular-looking "innie," but this pregnancy thing just throws it for a loop. Growing up, I logically presumed that belly buttons were formed by tying the umbilical cord in a knot, like a balloon, so it seemed perfectly normal to me that I had that little extra bump. And yes, it is possible that it wasn't until Lincoln was born and I saw that little clippy thing that I learned otherwise... but whatever.

Anyway, the point of all this is: absolutely nothing. I just couldn't help but laugh when I looked down and saw this silly development, and being the kind and generous person that I am, I thought that maybe you could use a laugh too. But with me, not at me- right? 'Cause at least my hair looks cute.

November 4, 2011

Date Night Skirt

Last week, my mother-in-law treated us to a date night so we could sneak away for dinner and a movie. Miraculously, Lincoln decided to take an out-of-character two hour nap that day, so I had time to whip up a new skirt for the occasion.

A friend recently gave me a big bag of clothes that were destined for the Goodwill, knowing that my fabric hoarding and repurposing self would be very pleased. And indeed, I was. Thanks Diz! This skirt was my first venture into the stash, and had a former life as a pair of wide leg Gap stretch cotton pants. I opened up the inner leg seams and put them on inside out to decide where to stitch the legs back up to make a pencil skirt shape. Then, since my belly was in the way, I removed the waistband and reattached my new skirt to the secret weapon in my maternity wardrobe: a folded knit band. I had just enough black rib knit left from the last skirt to add a skinny (4" or so) doubled band on this one.

I serged the bottom, then turned it up in a wide 1.25" hem and stitched it with a twin needle. I left the bottom four inches on the back unstitched to make a vent to ease movement. And again, I saved the original waistband so that once my expansion project is completed, I can refashion it back into a skirt that I can wear post-baby. Hooray! It's the perfect date night skirt!

November 3, 2011

McCall's 6181

So I know that I said that we had pictures of Lincoln from Halloween looking more enthusiastic about his lamb costume than he did here, but it turns out that was pretty much a lie. He looks vaguely unimpressed in every photo that we took. See:

Sadly, we didn't take too many photos, and it seems kind of silly to dress him up again just so I can get a picture of him smiling. So, I guess Halloween 2011 will officially go down in history as a solemn event. I swear, he actually had fun though! And didn't hate his costume! He thought it was pretty amazing that people were willing to give him candy, and he even believes us every time we tell him that he can have a little bite of something after dinner, even though we usually forget and he hasn't actually gotten to eat much of the candy at all. So trusting!

I did finally post the pattern review, in case you're interested in stitching up McCall's 6181 yourself. It's a great pattern and as you can see, it comes out really cute! I actually made it up twice this year- once for Lincoln's lamb costume, and again for a black kitty costume for a friend.

Official pattern reviews are here and here if you're interested. Despite appearances, I am going to call Halloween 2011 a success! Hope yours was fun too!

October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

From my sweet little lamb!

We've got more photos of Lincoln looking a little bit more enthusiastic, but iPhoto is being a butt right now and I can't actually get to them to share them.

I'll be back with more pics and a pattern review of McCalls 6181, which I used to stitch up the lamb costume, once technology is on my side again. In the meantime, Happy Halloween!

October 27, 2011

Easy maternity skirt refashion

I've had this skirt sitting in my "to be refashioned" pile forever. It was way too long and extra poufy, so a few months ago I decided to disassemble the skirt from the waistband. I took in about 12" of width (I'm telling you, seriously poufy!), added some pleats, and started to shorten it and reattach the waistband. For some reason I lost steam though, and it has sat pinned but unsewn for months. Once my belly started to grow and my wardrobe started to shrink, I decided it was time I did something with that thing after all. Using essentially the same technique that I did on this skirt the first time around, I made myself a comfy new addition to my maternity wardrobe for approximately zero dollars.

With the help of my serger, this was even easier and faster than last time. I folded some black 1x1 rib into a long tube and serged up the side, then folded the tube in half the other way and sandwiched it between the skirt and lining and serged again. And done. The only thing that would make it better is pockets. Still might go back and add some.

I saved the waistband so I can potentially go back after the baby comes and finish the original project I started. I'll add pleats to the front and back to take in the width instead of just gathering, but for the pregnancy belly, this is definitely the preferred method. Lots of room to grow and still be comfortable. Makes me want to take another peek in my closet and see if there's anything else with potential to be fixed up in the same way.

October 21, 2011

more fun with knits: copycat

I've been having some more fun sewing with knits, furthering my mission to create an entire maternity wardrobe for myself that feels like yoga pants and t-shirts but is more socially acceptable for public display.

This time, I turned to my closet again for inspiration. I pulled out a favorite top that I picked up at Nordstrom well over a year ago. It's soft and drapey and looks cute dressed up or down. I wear it all the time, and have been pleased that so far it's still roomy enough to accomodate my expansion project nicely. My original is black, and I decided to replicate it in the leftover brown knit from my reversible skirt project to make another basic staple for my wardrobe. Below you see the original on the left, and my copycat on the right.

I simply laid my existing shirt out on my cutting table to trace a pattern. I folded it in half lengthwise and traced once for the front and once for the back, adding a seam allowance as I went. There are five pintucks along each shoulder of the original and a row of 8 on the bottom, so I did some math (incorrectly) and added in some extra width to accomodate those. I realized my math error after I cut, so I improvised and only made three narrower tucks on each shoulder of my copycat, and six along the hemline. As a result, it's not quite as flowy as the original, but there's still plenty of room for me and my onboard occupant. See:

I also used the remaining bits of the striped fabric from the reverse side of my skirt to make another version. I didn't have enough width to accomodate the pintucks at all, so I just cut a basic outline of the shape and stitched it together. The result is a much less drapey and more casual tee, but I think with the stripes, the added fullness might have been weird anyway.

I think the waistband at the bottom is nice to give these basic tops a little something extra. It's not just a regular t-shirt, but it's just as comfy as one. And seriously, so quick and easy to put together. I could make a whole closet full of these, but I'll try to exercise a little restraint and try something new. And, like usual, there are a couple more pics in my flickr set if you're interested.

October 18, 2011


We visited Oxbow Farms in Duvall this weekend looking for a little bit of fall fun, and we found it! Oxbow is an organic farm with a wonderful u-pick pumpkin patch. Every pumpkin was perfect! No weird flat spots, no piles of rotten mush, just loads of beautiful, plump, bright orange pumpkins begging to be chosen.

Oxbow also has a "living playground" with magical winding gourd tunnels, the "sorghum spiral" corn maze, and lots of beautiful areas to explore and get up close and personal with your veggies. It's really an amazing place.

Add lunch at the Grange Cafe, and what you have is a perfect fall day. I highly recommend a trip to Duvall to visit Oxbow Farms and Grange Cafe to anyone in the area.

October 13, 2011

How cute are these?!?

I'm on a bit of a mission to get Lincoln potty trained by February when Thing 2 arrives. Although we're certainly not stressing it or pushing things, we are gradually introducing Lincoln to all the equipment that is necessary for this change. We've had a potty upstairs in the bathroom forever, and he's familiar with the concept of using it, although he hasn't actually gone in it in months. When he was younger (and less bullheaded) he actually liked to sit on it and would occasionally potty in it before bath time. Lately, it's a battle of wills to even get him to sit down on it without a diaper on, but every once in a while he surprises us. We're in no rush, but it would be so nice to be done with his diapers by the time it's time to start all over again.

Anyway, obviously there's more to potty training than a potty, and that's where these little cuties come in:

They're the Little Fishies Undies by Fishsticks Designs, and they're just about the sweetest little things you've ever seen, aren't they?

I serged them up quick with some cotton interlock that I picked up at JoAnn, and modified them by following the included instructions to make them into soakers. I made a size 2 for my tall and slender two year old, and I think they're a pretty good fit. The pattern calls for 1" non-roll elastic, but the stuff I had was really stiff so I used regular 3/4" knit elastic and slimmed down the waistband casing accordingly. I think they're easier for Lincoln to operate himself that way.

As far as soakability goes, they're still just basically cotton underoos with an extra layer. They don't do much anything to hold up against a pee when it's let loose. (As evidenced by the puddle Lincoln was standing in a short time after this photo was taken.) I think if I make up another batch, I'll try Bonnie's suggestion to add a layer of stretch terry inside instead of just doubling the interlock.

Love the pattern though, and it was really easy to put together. I can see many more pairs of these being made once underwear are a staple in this house for the littles. Lincoln loved picking out the firetruck fabric, and was really excited that Mama was making him underwear. But he was also completely shocked to find himself all wet when he peed in them, as though he had NO IDEA where the liquid came from. He's clearly not super tuned in to the activity down there right now. Any suggestions for getting things to click? I know when he's ready it's going to be easier, but I figure if we lay some groundwork now, it will be a smoother transition...

October 10, 2011

fun with knits: 2 skirts in one

One of my favorite knit items in my closet is a skirt that I found at a consignment store when I was pregnant with Lincoln. It's a perfect maternity skirt because it has a nice wide waistband (kind of like a belly band) that you can fold down or wear up over your belly when you need a little more coverage. The one I bought is a black knit with a bright pink paisley pattern, and it has a little flouncy ruffle at the bottom. Best part is, it's reversible! You can wear the printed side out, or flip it so that the black lining side is out and fold down the printed waistband. Love, love, love it. And it even made a great skirt for my non-maternity days. It's super versatile.

Naturally, I decided to see if I could make something similar from some knit remnants that I picked up at the Pacific Fabrics Outlet for cheap. And check it out- I ended up with two very different skirts in one:

I found this cute tonal pink stripe knit underneath the remnants table for $5.99/yd. Sometimes it pays to dig around a little bit in a place like that! It's a stiffer knit, kind of like a heavy t-shirt material. I cut this side on the bias and gave it a slight a-line shape. I also hemmed this side 1/4" shorter than the other, so that the brown side would just peek out and give kind of a slip appearance. Cute, eh?

For the reverse, I used a slinkier chocolate brown knit that was only $4.99/yd. I cut this skirt straight, so it's more figure-hugging shape than the other side. And since I used the same pink knit for the waistband on both sides, you get a fun contrast waistband when you fold it down this way.

Construction wise, it really doesn't get much easier. It's essentially just a four rectangles stitched up the sides, then sandwiched with the wide waistband in the middle. Comfy, cheap, and quick and easy to make. Of course my serger and a twin-needle help make things look nice and professional, but it would have been easy to do even without those things. I love projects like that!

October 7, 2011

it's a baby!

Yesterday was the big day! Like a good little patient, I consumed a giganto jug of water in the hour preceding my appointment, and spent all my time in the waiting room praying that I wouldn't sneeze. Fortunately, the tech is very good at what she does, and she got the shots that she needed with a full bladder taken care of super quickly. I was released to the restroom after just about five minutes, and was able to relax and enjoy the rest of the show.

Everything seems to be coming along quite nicely:

With our friendly ultrasound tech as our tour guide, we were shown all the essentials- two arms, two legs, the head, and the tiny heart beating away. What we didn't see, however, was something that was quite distinct and obvious the first time around at Lincoln's first photo shoot. Nope, this baby definitely doesn't have the same thing happening below the waist:

Look, Mama: no boy parts!

But, if ultrasound images are to be relied upon as a good indicator, she's otherwise going to look exactly like Lincoln. I love that we ended up with an image of each of them that is so much the same. What a sweet little momento! Can't wait to meet you, Thing2! Or maybe we should start calling you something more feminine, like BabyGirlJames. It has a nice ring, no?

October 5, 2011

she did it again!

The lovely and talented Jen of Sew Fun has talent for days! I've already gone on and on (and on) about the Grab & Go Diaper Clutch, which is fantastic and in my opinion a must-have for all parents, and now there's something new to rave about! It's the Special Occasion Gift Tote, and it's going to be my new go-to present wrapping secret. Check it out:

I was lucky enough to be a pattern tester for this adorable bucket, so you're looking at one of the first ever gift totes right there. Welcome to history! We're making it together here, peeps.

Look at this cute one that Jen made with little rubber duckies! These are just perfect for a baby shower gift, and with that specially designed pocket for a gift card, you get a lot of bang for your gift buck.

And check out the inside, with six perfect little slots for tucking your gifts and keeping things neat (just the way I like them). You can fill it up with bottles of baby shampoo, onesies and swaddling blankets, lotions, wipes- all the necessities. Then stick a cute fuzzy bear in the center for baby to slobber on, a gift card in the pocket for that inevitable day when mom runs out of diapers, and you've got a perfect gift and a reusable bucket too.

Of course, when I made this prototype up for Jen, all of our tubes of butt cream and baby wash were half-squeezed and grimy, and Lincoln was napping in his room where the onesies and swaddling blankets were. I just stuffed mine up full of spare toiletries to take the photos, which made me realize that this could make a really cute gift for someone heading off to college too. Or maybe a sweet housewarming present stuffed with cleaning supplies and a beautiful feather duster in the center? What? Yes! They actually can be beautiful. Just look at this one! Or this one! Ooh lah lah!

I haven't been to any showers or given any gifts lately, so the tote I made is currently living on the changing table where it holds all the little tubes and bottles that didn't have a good home before. I might have purposefully made it in colors to match Lincoln's room because I selfishly planned to keep it all along, or it could have just been a happy coincidence. I'll never tell.

The Special Occasion Gift Tote pattern is available as an instant-download PDF so you can buy it now and sew it now. Perfect for impatient seamstresses like myself! Check out more pics on flickr too to see all the details that this baby has to offer. I'm just saying- you show up at a baby shower with this tote stuffed with goodies, you're going to be one popular guest! Might even get an extra cupcake.

October 4, 2011

pattern review: Butterick 5495- maternity style!

Inspired by all the fabulous sewing blogs that I've been reading lately, I have a mad desire to stitch myself up a whole new wardrobe. Unfortunately, I haven't the time, resources, or the body to do so right now. After all, it doesn't really make much sense to spend what valuable time and money I do have sewing for maternity me, especially since I'm just in the beginning phases of my expansion.

But, of course, I picked up a few Butterick patterns during the last 99 cent JoAnn sale anyway. One of the styles is 5495, a nice easy knit top that I would absolutely wear normally, and I figured with all the gathering happening in the midriff it would probably work for me right now too. Bonus: it takes just one yard to make the cap-sleeve version (pictured in red below), so I picked up a soft rayon/spandex blend in a nice leafy green with a 40% off coupon too. Total cost for pattern and fabric = less than $8.

This is the first Butterick pattern I've sewn, so I wasn't sure if there would be as much ease as some others that I've worked with. I frequently choose to sew down a size from what the pattern measurements suggest, otherwise I'm swimming. For the first attempt, I figured I would cut what was recommended given my (now fuller) bust measurement, knowing that even if it was a bit big I could always take it in or just wait and grow into it.

Fortunately, I guessed right this time. I couldn't have gotten away with any smaller right now, and I actually had to lengthen the middle strap that cinches up the gathers in order to give my belly some breathing room. With the longer strap it's just right for now, and I figure a few months postpartum I can always cinch it back up to snug the fit back up again.

Sidenote: Lincoln is obsessed with buttons of every variety. When he saw me pushing the button on the camera remote he HAD to get in on the action, sans pants as per usual. He was carrying around the shopping bag in the background and dropped it behind me first. I didn't notice the new photo prop until I was editing the pics...

I haven't sewn much with knits for myself, and I think this may have been the perfect time to start. Of course I wear them all the time, but until recently it never occurred to me that it's probably actually easier to sew knit projects than woven in some respects. Fitting is certainly easier, especially for a transitional time like pregnancy. And I'm pretty sure you can't beat clothes that feel like pj's! This top is definitely one I will make again. I think red next time, and perhaps the 3/4 sleeve. Or maybe a print if I can find one.

Find the pattern review here on if you're interested.

October 2, 2011


So since it turns out that twice as many kids means twice as much crap to store, it became obvious right away that we were going to have to make some changes to Lincoln's room if we were going to fit a whole extra kid and all the accoutrements in there in a few months.

The first problem was the cheap old Ikea dresser, which my handy hubby fitted with a custom changing table top before Lincoln arrived. It has been serving our needs just fine, but the problem is, with only three sagging paper-board drawers already stuffed to the gills with Lincoln's clothes, there's no room for baby stuff in there. I started scouring Craigslist for a six-drawer dresser to replace it, hoping to find something old and sturdy to refinish instead of heading to Ikea to buy yet another piece of disposable furniture.

As usual, Craigslist delivered, and we found a nice solid mid-century piece for just $20.

The finish is hideous, and it's far from being in perfect condition, but it's for a kid's room, so I was happy to bring it home and knew that a bit of TLC would make a world of difference. I sanded, I puttied, I stained, I poly-ed, and it's a whole new dresser now, filled with Lincoln's clothes on one side and ready to be stuffed with tiny little outfits for Thing 2 on the other.

I love the legs, which give it a nice airy feeling, and the classic lines. And the metal detailing really pops against the new dark color. We chose a rich stain called Red Mahogany by Minwax. It's the perfect match for the big-boy bed that is supposedly "on the way" (still! Six weeks later! Mor furniture is so on my list...).

I used some of my Midori paper to line the drawers, affixing it with spray adhesive. I didn't have more than two or three of any one paper, so I just used a different one in each drawer for a random little twist. Between the fresh stain and the lined drawers, it really feels like a brand new dresser, not one that's been hanging around for 50 or so years.

And since we lost the changing station when we ditched the other dresser, we just attached the changing pad to the top of this one. The height is perfect, and the pad has little straps to secure it to the top, so it's safe even without the fancy top piece that David made for the other one.

I'm looking forward to sharing more photos of the room as things change, but the damn bed has to arrive in order for anything else to happen. Stay tuned! Hopefully before February we'll be settled in and Lincoln will be happily sleeping the night away in his new room.

A few more pics of the process here on flickr if you're interested.

September 30, 2011

nineteen weeks

So, moving right along with this pregnancy and already just about half-cooked! I can tell, because the pop-up turkey timer that has replaced my belly button is approximately half-popped at this point. Just the top half, mostly, so it's starting to kind of resemble an eyelid. In fact, I'm pretty sure it was about three minutes after I hit "publish" on my last belly post that everything suddenly emerged from hiding and I really started to look pregnant.

19 weeks
My apologies for the weird yellow lighting. I do have a cold, but as far as I know, not jaundice. It was evening by the time I mustered the energy to take a photo, and obviously, I couldn't be bothered to brush my hair or put on shoes either. Just keeping it real here.

Also have started to really feel the baby moving a lot in the last week or so, and not those vague little "was that it?" type of bubbles, but real kicks and jabs and flips. The timing of the first movement was great, as I was fairly certain that I had caused Thing 2's untimely demise when I electrocuted myself in my ongoing quest to rid the world of almond-colored electrical outlets a few days earlier. And although I know much better than to consult Dr. Google when it comes to such matters, I couldn't help myself. My fingers were typing "electrical shock while pregnant" before I could even think to stop them, and the next thing I knew I was going to all sorts of dark places that we don't even want to think about. So yeah, DON'T GOOGLE! Especially when pregnant. Google should have that disclaimer right on the search page, actually:
"If you're pregnant and are about to consult the internets regarding some mysterious symptom or need answers to any question best answered by a medically trained professional, PLEASE BACK AWAY!"
And, nineteen weeks also means that it's about time to find out what kind of parts this baby is going to have! By this time next week, we'll know (assuming full cooperation on the part of Thing 2). I keep going back and forth on what kind I'm currently rooting for. Sometimes I would really like a girl, for the obvious reasons: cute ruffly dresses, doll houses, pigtails, etc. But- it would also be really fun to have another boy because then Lincoln would have a brother. Something about brothers just seems like fun. Plus, we already have all the right clothes and toys for that kind of baby. But if it was a girl, think of all the cute stuff I could sew! You see the dilemma. But we'll see soon enough. Well, not really soon enough- but it's just a few days, so I guess I can wait.

In other news, Lincoln is still a charming two year old, and he's really become interested in dressing and (mostly) undressing himself lately. He's frequently taking off his pants because he's "too hot" and last night ate dinner in just a diaper at his passionate insistence. While it does make for easy clean up, I was concerned that he would drop a hot noodle on his belly so I finally convinced him that a bib would be a nice addition to his ensemble. It's fun to see him asserting his independence this way, and usually he's successful in his attempts at doing things "ALL BY MYSELF". Sometimes though, not so much:

Lincoln insisted on undressing himself for his bath that night, and somewhere in the shirt removal process things went horribly wrong. He just could not get it off of his (perhaps oddly large?) head, and wouldn't let me help at all. Finally I gave up and he calmed down and into the tub he went with a stylish new turban and an ear all red from the struggle. I finally just tore it off quick like a band-aid, which of course resulted in a mighty tantrum, but he was soon distracted by me washing his hair and he had something new to complain about so all was well once again.

He entertains us in so many ways, really. He's also been singing a lot of songs lately, both ones that we have taught him, and ones that he has made up on his own. His little imagination is so fun to watch, and I think this age is just incredibly awesome. He particularly likes to walk around with a partially extended tape measure held across his belly singing: "I play banjo, I play banjo..." Maybe we should get him a little guitar so he doesn't end up sitting on a porch with a jug between his knees? Redirect that musical talent now, while he's still young.