May 30, 2011

the Grab & Go Diaper clutch in action

When I gave the diaper clutch away last Monday, there were a few questions asked in the comments. I thought I would take a minute to answer them here in case you're trying to decide if this kind of bag would is right for you and your needs.

I personally think the Grab & Go clutch is awesome, and that's the reason why I've decided to make them to sell in my shop. I've never been a big fan of the diaper bag, or really any of the bulky gear that seems to be a requirement for the baby scene. I usually keep our regular diaper bag in the car, and until I had the diaper clutch, I would just stuff a diaper, wipes, and other necessities in my giant, overflowing mom purse. Naturally, my bag weighed a million pounds, and it was always a hassle to find anything in the depths. Somehow, though, in my mind, it was better than carrying a diaper bag. Don't ask! Then, I made my first diaper clutch.

And here it is, as I carry it today. Complete with juice spot, pen marks, and all the contents:

And below is all that stuff all spread out (seriously- it was all in there!):

The bag as I carry it every day holds the following: (clockwise from the clutch itself on upper left) The coordinated wipe-clean laminated cotton changing pad, a travel size bottle of hand sanitizer, two disposable diapers, a laminated cotton bib, a toddler fork and spoon, a package of wipes, and a travel package of tissues. Everything I need for an outing with my toddler!

And by the way, the bag is 100% washable and dryable. I'm just lazy, that's why there's juice and pen on mine! Maybe now that I've shown you how dirty it is, I'll go ahead and throw it in the wash.

There were a couple of questions regarding cloth diapers, and if they would fit in the clutch. Since we also use cloth, I can tell you authoritatively that yes, depending on the size of the diapers, you could get one or two in there. Although when we're out and about we tend to use disposables these days, we try to keep Lincoln in cloth when we're at home, and we have a hybrid system. Most often he's in a size large gDiapers shell with inserts from FuzziBunz inside, so that's what I stuffed the bag with when I took the photos below.

Above is what I would stuff in there for a quick trip. A couple of extra inserts, the wipes, the changing pad, and the sanitizer and tissues. Below is bulkier- with a whole extra stuffed diaper, an extra insert, the changing pad, wipes, sanitizer, and tissue.

And yes, even with all that stuff in there, it still closes securely:

I'm telling you, this tiny bag is a workhorse!

I also love that I can slide the wristlet strap over the handle of the stroller or put it on my wrist and still have free hands to carry Lincoln or whatever else I might need. And I've also discovered that the bag itself makes a nice little pillow for Lincoln while I'm changing him on those hard changing tables that you often find in public places. Since there's usually still a diaper and the bib in there, there's a little bit of extra cushion for his sweet little head.

And after sewing this pattern many times, I've also picked up some tips and tricks that I would like to share. If you're interested in making this bag yourself, I hope they might help. Stay tuned later this week for my pointers for sewing the Grab & Go Diaper Clutch by Sew Fun.