May 11, 2011

in the garden

We finally got around to getting some plants in the ground, after completely neglecting the garden most of last year. Now that Lincoln is mobile, it's easier to get out there and try to work while he "helps" out or runs around collecting rocks.

We removed the cool apple-tree pea trellis and David built a new frame for the vines to grow on out of 1x2 and string. It's not as unique and earthy looking, but it will serve the purpose for sure.

That's beans on the left, peas on the right on the trellis. In front we've got beets on the left and rainbow chard on the right. I quick-pickled most of the beets we grew the last time we planted them, and they were delicious! And it's always nice to have chard. Quick and easy greens.

We also planted a huge bed of onions again, and hopefully our crop will be as awesome as it was last year. Or was that two years ago? Already? Couldn't have been. Probably was. Yup. Just checked. April 2009. Gah. How does it happen?

And here's my little helper, running at me shouting "I found a bug!". Thankfully, it was NOT a bug, but a pinecone. Pinecones I can handle. But maybe we should do a little bit better job explaining bugs to him...

Dad? Pretty sure that's your job.