June 2, 2011

my green heaven

It's done! It's done! We have grass! Now I have to summon the restraint to stay off of it (and keep Lincoln off of it) for a couple of weeks so it can settle in and take root. It's going to be a long wait, but so worth it! I can't wait to sit out there and have a picnic lunch with my boys and catch up on some reading while soaking up some much-needed vitamin d.

Grow, grass, grow!

It already makes the back yard seem so much warmer and more welcoming. Even though there are still piles of tools around and the whole yard and patio is in desperate need of weeding and cleaning, it's just so much nicer looking with that patch of lush green to greet us.

With some serious determination, a shovel, and a saw, David was also able to get the stump out of the ground that was over by the window. Once the gaping hole is filled in, we have plans to move the ugly rain barrel around the corner and out of sight and plant a nice little flower garden there. We have a lavender that I planted in a poor location a couple of years ago that we want to relocate there to get more sun, and we are thinking of adding a trellis with something viney like a clematis between the windows.

And we also want to build a sandbox, paint the shed, etc. There's a long list of wishes and we probably won't get to many of them this summer. We'll be too busy sitting and sipping lemonade on our new lawn.