July 22, 2011

fair warning

We're going on vacation!!! It's the first real vacation we've taken since... our weddingmoon in New Orleans?!? I had to really think about that, and wow- seriously? 2008? That's sad. But anyway, we're packing up the car and driving to beautiful Lake Chelan to enjoy a week of fun and sun and family and friends. CAN'T WAIT!!

But the real reason why I'm sharing this here now is because I'll be putting the shop in vacation mode while I'm gone and I want to provide fair warning so you're not unexpectedly left without interfacing or a fabulous custom mixer cover for a week. (tragic!) And due to the time-intensive nature of custom orders, I will need to receive those requests in advance to ensure that there's plenty of time to receive the fabric, sew 'em up, and ship 'em out- so be prepared!

Alright, here's the breakdown:

twilltape will be CLOSED on August 6 and I plan to reopen on August 15.
If you are interested in a custom order, I will need to have received the request by July 25 (that's next Monday!) and fabric should be on the way. I'll stitch it up quick and get it mailed out before we go.

Thanks for understanding, and as always, email or convo me via etsy if you have any questions at all. I'm always happy to help.