August 24, 2011

Back! With a tour!

So yeah- it's been so long since I've posted here that there are a million different things that I want to write about and I don't even know where to start. So instead of trying to decide what OLD stuff to share, I decided to post some ground-breaking, of-the-minute, and frankly startling news instead.


It's practically a miracle, so I decided that before I set foot in there to start one more project, I would take some photos to document the conditions in there right now. It's not likely to last, so this way there is solid proof that at least for one day, the place was mostly clean and presentable.

And in case you need a refresher, here's the horrid state of the room as of the last thorough photo tour. That was way back in April, 2010, and A LOT has changed in the meantime. And even after changing things drastically many months ago, it took some serious living and working in the space to determine what final tweaks were needed to make the room really function the way that I needed it to. And I think I might finally be there. At least for now!

Behold! A space to cut fabric that doesn't require shifting a giant, teetering pile of junk off to one side or the use of a chair to hold the bolt off the floor while you cut! It's truly an amazing day here at the James residence.

This table was formerly the computer desk in our downstairs living area. It was really much too large for our needs though, and just served as a dumping ground for lots of other stuff to pile up. Thanks to the adjustable legs, we're able to give it a new home as a standing-height table in my sewing room and it's the perfect size for cutting and assembling projects.

My former employer gave me tons of beautiful Midori giftwrap samples. It's gorgeous heavy paper that comes in a 21" x 29" sheet. I originally wanted to store it flat, but there's just no reasonable way to do that, so Hubby came up with this solution for me and built it with parts from Home Depot. The space also became ribbon storage, and a place to store rolls of wrapping and kraft paper too. This is a highly functional corner with no footprint. Gotta love that!

This is where all the magic happens! My beloved Brother sewing/embroidery machine sits alongside her brother, the Brother serger. This table also holds my industrial snap press, a box of works-in-progress, and a riser holds sewing tools like pins, bobbins, machine feet, and assorted other bits on a lazy susan to keep everything close at hand. The box below the riser is a drawer organizer that is full of rick-rack, bias tapes, and thread.

Those are my favorite corners, but there's more! To see more photos of the space along with a few notes about specific items, you can check out the flickr set here.

Alright- off to go mess everything up! But at least now I have witnesses. It WAS clean for a morning, at least. Back soon with some of the aforementioned "old stuff" to share.