August 2, 2011

Lincoln's Plum

In honor of our little man's fast-approaching second birthday, we planted a tree in the back yard and placed his placenta underneath. Yes, that means that we've had Lincoln's placenta lying around (in the freezer) for two years and yes, we're complete procrastinators. But see how I made it seem like we did it specifically for his second birthday, and not just two years late? That's a half-full glass for you.

We chose a combo plum tree because we love the idea of having fruit in our back yard, and because how cool is it that five different varieties will grow on a single tree? Seriously cool. And since there are different varieties, it's magically self-pollinating, so we don't need to have more than one tree. Which is good, because I don't know that we really even have room for one but we planted it anyway. The tree will someday produce Green Gage, Beauty, Brooks, Blue Damson, and Shiro plums. And someday Lincoln will climb those limbs and throw Mama a ripe juicy plum like a good little boy. Can't wait!

And if you're interested and/or have a strong stomach, I've posted some photos of the placenta in it's un-frozen and relatively freshly birthed state. Our midwife was happy to give us a tour of the organ after we brought it home, and it's really kind of fascinating and amazing if you're into that kind of thing. I recognize that not everyone is, so I made a private, invitation-only Flickr set that can only be accessed by clicking here. You won't stumble upon these photos by accident while browsing mixer covers, don't worry! And there's only three, so it's hardly a fully scientific and in-depth tour, but interesting nonetheless. However, I stress: CLICK AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!