August 30, 2011

Old News, part I: we went on vacation!

As you may recall, we went to sunny and gorgeous Lake Chelan for a week at the beginning of August. It was a long-awaited trip and the first time we've been on a vacation for a whole week anywhere since our weddingmoon in New Orleans. It was high time, and it was perfection!

It was seven days of playing in the sand and the crystal-clear lake, and soaking up some sun in our pasty white Pacific-Northwesterner skin. It was sleeping in (as late as Lincoln would allow, which was miraculously an hour later than usual), and spending the morning doing not much of anything and getting organized by lunchtime to venture into town or to visit our friends or family. Perfect vacation.

I used to think the brown hills of Eastern Washington were so ugly and depressing, but I find them so picturesque and striking now. Weird how our impressions change as we get older. Or maybe it's all the extra Vitamin D we get while we're there.

My big boy turned two during our stay, and we celebrated with BBQ and chocolate cake at Lake Chelan Winery with a small group of family and friends. It was a great night with delicious food and wonderful people. There were no decorations and the cake was from the grocery store, but it was a perfect party for my lucky kiddo in the middle of our getaway.

And I really wanted to take some family photos while we were there, but as usual, we took 4-bazillion pictures and nearly every one is of Lincoln alone. Guess we'll have to go back! A few more photos here on flickr. (Not all 4-bazillion, I promise!)