September 19, 2011

A Sorbetto hack

So remember when I said that I was inspired by The Sew Weekly's 7 Days of Sorbetto challenge to see just what I could make the Sorbetto pattern do for me? Well here's more proof of the versatility and evidence of the good bones that this pattern has. It's nice as is, but it's also so easy to tweak and rework into something that will fit anyone. I think this one will even still fit me in a few months when my belly starts to resemble a basketball smuggled under my shirt.

Obviously, there's not much left that resembles the original tank from this view, but since I knew that the proportions and the size were right (or easily adjusted) on the original pattern, I just took my pencil and scissors to a piece of pattern paper and started hacking away to create this maternity modification.

I started by drafting a new piece for the belly region, and I knew that cutting that piece on the bias would help accomodate my growing middle over the next few months by adding plenty of drape and flow. I added five inches of length to the front and back pieces, and I also added width to the new belly piece (4 inches) which was gathered in to match the modified bodice and shaped inset.

I added sleeves using the same sleeve pattern as before (from The Sew Weekly). I slashed and spread the pattern piece to add two inches to it in the middle, and then I gathered that up in a pleat on top to give the sleeves a nice flowy effect. I also added ties to the side seam to provide some more shape and allow for adjustments as I expand.

I finished the hem and sleeves with a narrow rolled hem on my serger and decided at the last minute to change the neckline shape from round to a V. I cut the new neckline then traced the front and back of the top to create a pattern piece for a neckline facing. I then attached it essentially like bias tape, sewing it down on the outside of the top. The point is a wee bit crooked compared to the upward-facing V on the bodice piece, but I can live with it.

The fabric was from my stash, and is probably ten years old. It's a nice weight for a top, and kind of a crepe-like material. Silky, but not too slippery. And I love not paying anything to make myself something. That's always good too.

I see tons of potential in this pattern, and plan to keep playing with it to make many more Sorbetto mods. I'm thinking knit next.