September 8, 2011

Thing 2

Well, I have some exciting news! Our happy little family of three is expected to grow into a happy family of four sometime at the end of February! We'll find out next month what variety of baby is on the way, but in the meantime we've taken to affectionately referring to him/her as "Thing 2".

So far, this pregnancy is fairly unremarkable. I've been sicker than I was with Lincoln, but nothing too awful, and I'm much better now that the second trimester is underway. And with Lincoln my skin was clear, my hair stopped falling out, and I mostly felt really amazing. Can't say the same this time around, unfortunately! My complexion has been ick, my hair falls out in clumps, and I'm tired a lot. I imagine that the tiredness is largely due to chasing a two-year old around during the day and being kicked by him in bed all night long. Where IS that big-boy bed, anyway? Coming on a slow boat from China, I expect.

We've been busily preparing a couple of things to make the house a little bit more hospitable for our growing brood, and I'll be sharing those details shortly. Naturally, I've gotten bitten by a mad sewing bug and have tons of projects that I want to do and may or may not even be able to fit into once I finish, depending on how exponential the growth is in the belly region. Why aren't there more cute maternity patterns? I did work some magic on a Sorbetto top modification though, and it's very belly-friendly. Will post photos and details on that soon.

Lincoln is excited about being a big brother, and I think he will be an amazing one. He offers my belly kisses and hugs on a regular basis, and he even sang Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star to the bump the other day. He's so dang adorable!

And, since no pregnancy post is complete without a belly shot, here's one taken today (16 weeks, 1 day):

I've been slacking, and have only taken photos at 9 weeks and 16 weeks to document the progress so far. It's not terribly exciting yet anyway- no inverted belly buttons or anything! The pics are here, and I'll keep adding to the album as things progress.