October 2, 2011


So since it turns out that twice as many kids means twice as much crap to store, it became obvious right away that we were going to have to make some changes to Lincoln's room if we were going to fit a whole extra kid and all the accoutrements in there in a few months.

The first problem was the cheap old Ikea dresser, which my handy hubby fitted with a custom changing table top before Lincoln arrived. It has been serving our needs just fine, but the problem is, with only three sagging paper-board drawers already stuffed to the gills with Lincoln's clothes, there's no room for baby stuff in there. I started scouring Craigslist for a six-drawer dresser to replace it, hoping to find something old and sturdy to refinish instead of heading to Ikea to buy yet another piece of disposable furniture.

As usual, Craigslist delivered, and we found a nice solid mid-century piece for just $20.

The finish is hideous, and it's far from being in perfect condition, but it's for a kid's room, so I was happy to bring it home and knew that a bit of TLC would make a world of difference. I sanded, I puttied, I stained, I poly-ed, and it's a whole new dresser now, filled with Lincoln's clothes on one side and ready to be stuffed with tiny little outfits for Thing 2 on the other.

I love the legs, which give it a nice airy feeling, and the classic lines. And the metal detailing really pops against the new dark color. We chose a rich stain called Red Mahogany by Minwax. It's the perfect match for the big-boy bed that is supposedly "on the way" (still! Six weeks later! Mor furniture is so on my list...).

I used some of my Midori paper to line the drawers, affixing it with spray adhesive. I didn't have more than two or three of any one paper, so I just used a different one in each drawer for a random little twist. Between the fresh stain and the lined drawers, it really feels like a brand new dresser, not one that's been hanging around for 50 or so years.

And since we lost the changing station when we ditched the other dresser, we just attached the changing pad to the top of this one. The height is perfect, and the pad has little straps to secure it to the top, so it's safe even without the fancy top piece that David made for the other one.

I'm looking forward to sharing more photos of the room as things change, but the damn bed has to arrive in order for anything else to happen. Stay tuned! Hopefully before February we'll be settled in and Lincoln will be happily sleeping the night away in his new room.

A few more pics of the process here on flickr if you're interested.