October 27, 2011

Easy maternity skirt refashion

I've had this skirt sitting in my "to be refashioned" pile forever. It was way too long and extra poufy, so a few months ago I decided to disassemble the skirt from the waistband. I took in about 12" of width (I'm telling you, seriously poufy!), added some pleats, and started to shorten it and reattach the waistband. For some reason I lost steam though, and it has sat pinned but unsewn for months. Once my belly started to grow and my wardrobe started to shrink, I decided it was time I did something with that thing after all. Using essentially the same technique that I did on this skirt the first time around, I made myself a comfy new addition to my maternity wardrobe for approximately zero dollars.

With the help of my serger, this was even easier and faster than last time. I folded some black 1x1 rib into a long tube and serged up the side, then folded the tube in half the other way and sandwiched it between the skirt and lining and serged again. And done. The only thing that would make it better is pockets. Still might go back and add some.

I saved the waistband so I can potentially go back after the baby comes and finish the original project I started. I'll add pleats to the front and back to take in the width instead of just gathering, but for the pregnancy belly, this is definitely the preferred method. Lots of room to grow and still be comfortable. Makes me want to take another peek in my closet and see if there's anything else with potential to be fixed up in the same way.