October 10, 2011

fun with knits: 2 skirts in one

One of my favorite knit items in my closet is a skirt that I found at a consignment store when I was pregnant with Lincoln. It's a perfect maternity skirt because it has a nice wide waistband (kind of like a belly band) that you can fold down or wear up over your belly when you need a little more coverage. The one I bought is a black knit with a bright pink paisley pattern, and it has a little flouncy ruffle at the bottom. Best part is, it's reversible! You can wear the printed side out, or flip it so that the black lining side is out and fold down the printed waistband. Love, love, love it. And it even made a great skirt for my non-maternity days. It's super versatile.

Naturally, I decided to see if I could make something similar from some knit remnants that I picked up at the Pacific Fabrics Outlet for cheap. And check it out- I ended up with two very different skirts in one:

I found this cute tonal pink stripe knit underneath the remnants table for $5.99/yd. Sometimes it pays to dig around a little bit in a place like that! It's a stiffer knit, kind of like a heavy t-shirt material. I cut this side on the bias and gave it a slight a-line shape. I also hemmed this side 1/4" shorter than the other, so that the brown side would just peek out and give kind of a slip appearance. Cute, eh?

For the reverse, I used a slinkier chocolate brown knit that was only $4.99/yd. I cut this skirt straight, so it's more figure-hugging shape than the other side. And since I used the same pink knit for the waistband on both sides, you get a fun contrast waistband when you fold it down this way.

Construction wise, it really doesn't get much easier. It's essentially just a four rectangles stitched up the sides, then sandwiched with the wide waistband in the middle. Comfy, cheap, and quick and easy to make. Of course my serger and a twin-needle help make things look nice and professional, but it would have been easy to do even without those things. I love projects like that!