October 13, 2011

How cute are these?!?

I'm on a bit of a mission to get Lincoln potty trained by February when Thing 2 arrives. Although we're certainly not stressing it or pushing things, we are gradually introducing Lincoln to all the equipment that is necessary for this change. We've had a potty upstairs in the bathroom forever, and he's familiar with the concept of using it, although he hasn't actually gone in it in months. When he was younger (and less bullheaded) he actually liked to sit on it and would occasionally potty in it before bath time. Lately, it's a battle of wills to even get him to sit down on it without a diaper on, but every once in a while he surprises us. We're in no rush, but it would be so nice to be done with his diapers by the time it's time to start all over again.

Anyway, obviously there's more to potty training than a potty, and that's where these little cuties come in:

They're the Little Fishies Undies by Fishsticks Designs, and they're just about the sweetest little things you've ever seen, aren't they?

I serged them up quick with some cotton interlock that I picked up at JoAnn, and modified them by following the included instructions to make them into soakers. I made a size 2 for my tall and slender two year old, and I think they're a pretty good fit. The pattern calls for 1" non-roll elastic, but the stuff I had was really stiff so I used regular 3/4" knit elastic and slimmed down the waistband casing accordingly. I think they're easier for Lincoln to operate himself that way.

As far as soakability goes, they're still just basically cotton underoos with an extra layer. They don't do much anything to hold up against a pee when it's let loose. (As evidenced by the puddle Lincoln was standing in a short time after this photo was taken.) I think if I make up another batch, I'll try Bonnie's suggestion to add a layer of stretch terry inside instead of just doubling the interlock.

Love the pattern though, and it was really easy to put together. I can see many more pairs of these being made once underwear are a staple in this house for the littles. Lincoln loved picking out the firetruck fabric, and was really excited that Mama was making him underwear. But he was also completely shocked to find himself all wet when he peed in them, as though he had NO IDEA where the liquid came from. He's clearly not super tuned in to the activity down there right now. Any suggestions for getting things to click? I know when he's ready it's going to be easier, but I figure if we lay some groundwork now, it will be a smoother transition...