October 7, 2011

it's a baby!

Yesterday was the big day! Like a good little patient, I consumed a giganto jug of water in the hour preceding my appointment, and spent all my time in the waiting room praying that I wouldn't sneeze. Fortunately, the tech is very good at what she does, and she got the shots that she needed with a full bladder taken care of super quickly. I was released to the restroom after just about five minutes, and was able to relax and enjoy the rest of the show.

Everything seems to be coming along quite nicely:

With our friendly ultrasound tech as our tour guide, we were shown all the essentials- two arms, two legs, the head, and the tiny heart beating away. What we didn't see, however, was something that was quite distinct and obvious the first time around at Lincoln's first photo shoot. Nope, this baby definitely doesn't have the same thing happening below the waist:

Look, Mama: no boy parts!

But, if ultrasound images are to be relied upon as a good indicator, she's otherwise going to look exactly like Lincoln. I love that we ended up with an image of each of them that is so much the same. What a sweet little momento! Can't wait to meet you, Thing2! Or maybe we should start calling you something more feminine, like BabyGirlJames. It has a nice ring, no?