October 21, 2011

more fun with knits: copycat

I've been having some more fun sewing with knits, furthering my mission to create an entire maternity wardrobe for myself that feels like yoga pants and t-shirts but is more socially acceptable for public display.

This time, I turned to my closet again for inspiration. I pulled out a favorite top that I picked up at Nordstrom well over a year ago. It's soft and drapey and looks cute dressed up or down. I wear it all the time, and have been pleased that so far it's still roomy enough to accomodate my expansion project nicely. My original is black, and I decided to replicate it in the leftover brown knit from my reversible skirt project to make another basic staple for my wardrobe. Below you see the original on the left, and my copycat on the right.

I simply laid my existing shirt out on my cutting table to trace a pattern. I folded it in half lengthwise and traced once for the front and once for the back, adding a seam allowance as I went. There are five pintucks along each shoulder of the original and a row of 8 on the bottom, so I did some math (incorrectly) and added in some extra width to accomodate those. I realized my math error after I cut, so I improvised and only made three narrower tucks on each shoulder of my copycat, and six along the hemline. As a result, it's not quite as flowy as the original, but there's still plenty of room for me and my onboard occupant. See:

I also used the remaining bits of the striped fabric from the reverse side of my skirt to make another version. I didn't have enough width to accomodate the pintucks at all, so I just cut a basic outline of the shape and stitched it together. The result is a much less drapey and more casual tee, but I think with the stripes, the added fullness might have been weird anyway.

I think the waistband at the bottom is nice to give these basic tops a little something extra. It's not just a regular t-shirt, but it's just as comfy as one. And seriously, so quick and easy to put together. I could make a whole closet full of these, but I'll try to exercise a little restraint and try something new. And, like usual, there are a couple more pics in my flickr set if you're interested.