October 4, 2011

pattern review: Butterick 5495- maternity style!

Inspired by all the fabulous sewing blogs that I've been reading lately, I have a mad desire to stitch myself up a whole new wardrobe. Unfortunately, I haven't the time, resources, or the body to do so right now. After all, it doesn't really make much sense to spend what valuable time and money I do have sewing for maternity me, especially since I'm just in the beginning phases of my expansion.

But, of course, I picked up a few Butterick patterns during the last 99 cent JoAnn sale anyway. One of the styles is 5495, a nice easy knit top that I would absolutely wear normally, and I figured with all the gathering happening in the midriff it would probably work for me right now too. Bonus: it takes just one yard to make the cap-sleeve version (pictured in red below), so I picked up a soft rayon/spandex blend in a nice leafy green with a 40% off coupon too. Total cost for pattern and fabric = less than $8.

This is the first Butterick pattern I've sewn, so I wasn't sure if there would be as much ease as some others that I've worked with. I frequently choose to sew down a size from what the pattern measurements suggest, otherwise I'm swimming. For the first attempt, I figured I would cut what was recommended given my (now fuller) bust measurement, knowing that even if it was a bit big I could always take it in or just wait and grow into it.

Fortunately, I guessed right this time. I couldn't have gotten away with any smaller right now, and I actually had to lengthen the middle strap that cinches up the gathers in order to give my belly some breathing room. With the longer strap it's just right for now, and I figure a few months postpartum I can always cinch it back up to snug the fit back up again.

Sidenote: Lincoln is obsessed with buttons of every variety. When he saw me pushing the button on the camera remote he HAD to get in on the action, sans pants as per usual. He was carrying around the shopping bag in the background and dropped it behind me first. I didn't notice the new photo prop until I was editing the pics...

I haven't sewn much with knits for myself, and I think this may have been the perfect time to start. Of course I wear them all the time, but until recently it never occurred to me that it's probably actually easier to sew knit projects than woven in some respects. Fitting is certainly easier, especially for a transitional time like pregnancy. And I'm pretty sure you can't beat clothes that feel like pj's! This top is definitely one I will make again. I think red next time, and perhaps the 3/4 sleeve. Or maybe a print if I can find one.

Find the pattern review here on patternreview.com if you're interested.