October 5, 2011

she did it again!

The lovely and talented Jen of Sew Fun has talent for days! I've already gone on and on (and on) about the Grab & Go Diaper Clutch, which is fantastic and in my opinion a must-have for all parents, and now there's something new to rave about! It's the Special Occasion Gift Tote, and it's going to be my new go-to present wrapping secret. Check it out:

I was lucky enough to be a pattern tester for this adorable bucket, so you're looking at one of the first ever gift totes right there. Welcome to history! We're making it together here, peeps.

Look at this cute one that Jen made with little rubber duckies! These are just perfect for a baby shower gift, and with that specially designed pocket for a gift card, you get a lot of bang for your gift buck.

And check out the inside, with six perfect little slots for tucking your gifts and keeping things neat (just the way I like them). You can fill it up with bottles of baby shampoo, onesies and swaddling blankets, lotions, wipes- all the necessities. Then stick a cute fuzzy bear in the center for baby to slobber on, a gift card in the pocket for that inevitable day when mom runs out of diapers, and you've got a perfect gift and a reusable bucket too.

Of course, when I made this prototype up for Jen, all of our tubes of butt cream and baby wash were half-squeezed and grimy, and Lincoln was napping in his room where the onesies and swaddling blankets were. I just stuffed mine up full of spare toiletries to take the photos, which made me realize that this could make a really cute gift for someone heading off to college too. Or maybe a sweet housewarming present stuffed with cleaning supplies and a beautiful feather duster in the center? What? Yes! They actually can be beautiful. Just look at this one! Or this one! Ooh lah lah!

I haven't been to any showers or given any gifts lately, so the tote I made is currently living on the changing table where it holds all the little tubes and bottles that didn't have a good home before. I might have purposefully made it in colors to match Lincoln's room because I selfishly planned to keep it all along, or it could have just been a happy coincidence. I'll never tell.

The Special Occasion Gift Tote pattern is available as an instant-download PDF so you can buy it now and sew it now. Perfect for impatient seamstresses like myself! Check out more pics on flickr too to see all the details that this baby has to offer. I'm just saying- you show up at a baby shower with this tote stuffed with goodies, you're going to be one popular guest! Might even get an extra cupcake.