November 10, 2011


I'm starting to feel rather whale-like, which is kind of disheartening given that I'm only a little more than half-way through this pregnancy! Still SOOOOO much growing to do. I know this, but I already feel like a beast, so I decided that some action needed to be taken to lighten my load in some way. The result is this:

With all the junk in my trunk and growing midsection, I think it's helping to keep me from feeling heavy all over. And it was getting to a point where I was just pulling my hair back into a ponytail or up into a bun every day anyway and expending zero effort on it. It was time for a change!

Okay, confession time. I really just put that picture there so that the ones that follow wouldn't be the first thing you saw when you came to my blog. I really did get my hair chopped off, but to fully understand where I was coming from, you have to see the belly that is creating the imbalance.

This is what I see when I look down these days. Well, obviously normally my shirt isn't pulled up, but you get the idea. Now, take a look at the ridiculousness that is my belly button for a second. If you can stand it. Need a closer look? Here:

Is that not the dumbest thing you've ever seen? And yes, there's a weird little knob protruding from the center of my belly button. When my belly isn't being turned inside out by onboard occupants, that little nub is tucked inside a regular-looking "innie," but this pregnancy thing just throws it for a loop. Growing up, I logically presumed that belly buttons were formed by tying the umbilical cord in a knot, like a balloon, so it seemed perfectly normal to me that I had that little extra bump. And yes, it is possible that it wasn't until Lincoln was born and I saw that little clippy thing that I learned otherwise... but whatever.

Anyway, the point of all this is: absolutely nothing. I just couldn't help but laugh when I looked down and saw this silly development, and being the kind and generous person that I am, I thought that maybe you could use a laugh too. But with me, not at me- right? 'Cause at least my hair looks cute.