November 4, 2011

Date Night Skirt

Last week, my mother-in-law treated us to a date night so we could sneak away for dinner and a movie. Miraculously, Lincoln decided to take an out-of-character two hour nap that day, so I had time to whip up a new skirt for the occasion.

A friend recently gave me a big bag of clothes that were destined for the Goodwill, knowing that my fabric hoarding and repurposing self would be very pleased. And indeed, I was. Thanks Diz! This skirt was my first venture into the stash, and had a former life as a pair of wide leg Gap stretch cotton pants. I opened up the inner leg seams and put them on inside out to decide where to stitch the legs back up to make a pencil skirt shape. Then, since my belly was in the way, I removed the waistband and reattached my new skirt to the secret weapon in my maternity wardrobe: a folded knit band. I had just enough black rib knit left from the last skirt to add a skinny (4" or so) doubled band on this one.

I serged the bottom, then turned it up in a wide 1.25" hem and stitched it with a twin needle. I left the bottom four inches on the back unstitched to make a vent to ease movement. And again, I saved the original waistband so that once my expansion project is completed, I can refashion it back into a skirt that I can wear post-baby. Hooray! It's the perfect date night skirt!