November 30, 2011

a head start

We're so on top of things this year! Not only do we have a huge chunk of our holiday shopping done, but we've also already visited Santa and taken a ride on the holiday carousel! It feels so good to have accomplished so much just days after Thanksgiving. I mean, it is still November! Woo-hoo! Now let this be a reminder to our next-year-selves: GO SEE SANTA EARLY! There was NO LINE whatsoever when we visited Santa Lane yesterday. NO LINE! It was amazing. Epic. We had plenty of time to hang out with Santa and let Lincoln warm up a little bit. He still didn't love it, but it was a marked improvement over last year's screaming shot.

So I recently picked up a copy of Sewing for Boys with the idea that I might find a pattern for the perfect outfit for Lincoln's Santa photo this year tucked inside. Of course I would magically also have plenty of time to execute said outfit, would find the ideal fabric on mega-sale, and my boy would be the cutest little thing to grace Santa's lap in years. But then, we found ourselves at Costco on Black Friday (I know, what were we thinking!?!), where I found this cute little sweater and button-up shirt combo and decided that it was cute enough. And it totally is- right? Look at him! He's such a big boy!

But I will absolutely be returning to the book- it's fabulous. But this way there's no pressure of deadlines and I can actually enjoy the process! And BTW, speaking of Shelly Figueroa and Karen LePage (the talented ladies behind Sewing for Boys), they have decided to part ways and Patterns by Figgy's is no more. When I heard that, I immediately panicked and expanded my collection, adding to my much-used Tee for Two and Dapper Dillingers patterns with a couple of other classics before they're gone forever. I suggest you do the same! And then, check out the new line that Shelly has recently released under the name Figgy's. Beautiful, simple, and currently girl-centric following the recent release of the book. Love. Especially this little blouse and skirt combo. These are destined to be classics.

I also picked up the (out-of-print but recently re-released as a digital pattern) School Days Jacket & Coat pattern from Oliver + S when I saw it at a local sewing shop recently. Buoyed by my success with Lincoln's Ottobre coat, I've decided to try my hand at a raincoat for him too. I've wanted to forever, but it's hard to find fun printed laminated cotton that is cute for boys without being too cutesy- you know? Well, I think we finally found some, and I'm going to try to get to that project in the reasonably near future.

And speaking of the boy and his coat, here they are now! We snapped this photo just seconds before he demanded we remove him from the horse, before the carousel had even begun to move. He sat next to me on a non-moving sleigh instead looking incredibly unimpressed with the whole thing while David rode the horse. And then, naturally, as soon as the ride stopped and we had to get off, he decided he actually wanted to ride the horse after all. Oh, two! You fickle little beast.

I've got lots of other projects in the hopper at the moment, but I'll save something for another day. And maybe actually try to get one or two finished before I go and claim too much productivity. There are some things for the shop, some things for me (and my expanding belly), and some for Lincoln. Lots of fun to come! Hope your November was great and December is full of holiday fun!