November 3, 2011

McCall's 6181

So I know that I said that we had pictures of Lincoln from Halloween looking more enthusiastic about his lamb costume than he did here, but it turns out that was pretty much a lie. He looks vaguely unimpressed in every photo that we took. See:

Sadly, we didn't take too many photos, and it seems kind of silly to dress him up again just so I can get a picture of him smiling. So, I guess Halloween 2011 will officially go down in history as a solemn event. I swear, he actually had fun though! And didn't hate his costume! He thought it was pretty amazing that people were willing to give him candy, and he even believes us every time we tell him that he can have a little bite of something after dinner, even though we usually forget and he hasn't actually gotten to eat much of the candy at all. So trusting!

I did finally post the pattern review, in case you're interested in stitching up McCall's 6181 yourself. It's a great pattern and as you can see, it comes out really cute! I actually made it up twice this year- once for Lincoln's lamb costume, and again for a black kitty costume for a friend.

Official pattern reviews are here and here if you're interested. Despite appearances, I am going to call Halloween 2011 a success! Hope yours was fun too!