January 20, 2012

Cabin fever

Ugh. I can't even write right now. My brain is a pile of mush after spending the last three days cooped up inside the house watching Shrek on repeat and begging the snow to JUST STOP FALLING! Please! Preschool has been cancelled all week, our roads are a mess, and hubby's been away on business so my adult interactions have been limited to a nice chat with the mailman on Wednesday and a few phone conversations. To say that I feel like I'm losing my shit a little bit is putting it rather mildly. 

When the snow first came, sure it was fun. Lincoln even made his first snowman, or rather he posed dutifully by the snowman that David made for him, and he had a great time running around and throwing snowballs and whacking the snow out of the bushes. But then- ice ages passed, literally. The snow developed a mean and hurtful crust that makes walking (and especially falling down in it) no fun at all, and it just wouldn't melt.

Today, finally it rains. There's hope that I will be able to escape my little domestic prison for a least a little while this evening once David gets home from work. Can I get a hallelujah?? If you're anywhere nearby, there's a chance you may hear one echoing from my house at around 6 pm.

Fortunately, all this time at home has not been entirely ill-spent. I managed to finally put together a new set of curtains for Lincoln's bedroom that have been languishing in my to-do pile for weeks. I still need to make a matching curtain for the closet, but my machine has decided that now is a great time to start chewing up every piece of fabric that passes beneath its presser foot and I just had to walk away before things got ugly in there. 

I'm sure when I get back to it everything will have magically fixed itself and I can continue on my merry way. And then I can also get back to the Sew Weekly project that I've been working on all week that is also not cooperating with me in the least. Wait- are we sensing a trend here? Maybe Eeyore has taken up residence under my sewing table? Or perhaps I've accidentally had a swig of grumpy juice?

Oh wait- NOPE, it's just the snow! PLEASE LEAVE NOW! K, THX. BYE!

But anyway- I do love the theme for next week- Make This Look, which is based on the regular features that Mena posts with a dress or outfit from somewhere on the web and a pattern that would be a suitable base to recreate the look with. There's a dress that I love that came up recently, and the suggested pattern was one that I already owned. I even had a fabric in my stash that was a reasonable facsimile, so the only hurdle is one that is firmly planted between my waist and bustlines at the moment. Naturally, neither the original dress nor the pattern are intended to be maternity wear, so some serious craftiness and redrafting are in order. I wasn't afraid of the challenge, so Millie and I dove right in, but things are not going as easily as planned. I hope that I can figure out a way to make it work, because it really is a super cute dress. Fingers crossed!