January 13, 2012

Meet Millicent!

Today, I would like to introduce you to a special new member of my family. And before you get all panicky- no, it's not our daughter. That one's (dear god, I hope) still got a little cooking to do before she joins us sometime next month. No, this particular family member was delivered by sleigh via the elves at Amazon.com, and her name is Millicent.

Millie's a Dritz My Double Deluxe, and after doing lots of research online about what type of dress form I wanted to ask Santa for this year, I decided that she was the one. I did read lots of reviews that didn't look too favorably on these adjustable forms and claimed that the professional (read: WAY more expensive) models were the way to go, but those are just simply out of my league. I figured that this would be good enough to suit my needs for the foreseeable future, especially once I customize her a little bit further with a Fabulous Fit System as inspired by Lladybird (and others around the web).

I actually contemplated picking up the Fabulous Fit system the other day, but it's going to be a couple of months before my body bears any resemblance to something that the kit can help me emulate on Millie. In the meantime, I decided to just take matters into my own hands and I gave my gal a little makeover.

Armed with a nearly full bag of bamboo fiberfill, some bamboo quilt batting, a nursing bra, and a belly band, I set to work matching Millie's shape to mine as closely as possible. I started by adjusting the dials to my pre-pregnancy measurements, then put the bra and belly band on her and started fluffing away.

A few minutes and a whole lot of fiberfill later, I had a reasonable approximation going on. I wrapped some strips of batting around her rather lumpy belly to smooth things out a little bit, and then added the tank top to keep things in place. It's certainly not a perfect match, but I can see this being very helpful as I attempt to participate in a Sew Weekly challenge or two as this pregnancy draws to a close.

And about The Sew Weekly- it's been so much fun to see all the contributions pouring in! Week one's theme had us drawing inspiration from an accessory and building a creation around that. That didn't particularly speak to me, and I didn't have time to pull anything together, but I do have plans shaping up for another challenge before the month is out. Fingers crossed that with Millie's help I can get something made that fits!