January 5, 2012

What's one more thing?

So since 2012 promises to be very boring indeed- with only that one extra newborn plus the one growing-up-so-quickly preschooler (he starts tomorrow! yay!), and my shop, plus my part-time job, and David's job, and housework, and our nonexistent social life and all that TV we have to keep up with- I've gone ahead and decided to add just one more little commitment to the mix by signing up to be a contributor to The Sew Weekly. Luckily, Mena has changed things up a bit this year by opening the contributor pool up to a whole slew of ladies and making it a participate-at-will kind of a thing, rather than necessarily an every week obligation.

My first post is up here. This week's theme was meant to ease us into the idea- just pick your favorite thing you made in 2011 and introduce yourself to the group. No new makes required! I picked my Bamboo Burnout Tank, (Simplicity 2587 by Cynthia Rowley) which I stitched up for Spring Top Week before I got all disproportionately round in the midsection.

And yes, I recognize that I might be crazy, but I'm really hoping that once baby comes, I'll actually have a minute or two to participate in at least one challenge a month. It would be nice to be able to build my wardrobe up with some me-made goodies and try out some of the patterns and fabric that I've been stashing away the last few months. I figured that signing up to be part of this amazing community of talented ladies and having great ideas come at me every week might inspire me to carve out some time for myself and keep on sewing. Time will tell how that works out in real life.