February 15, 2012


We reached the 39 week point yesterday, and baby girl is still holding on strong. Last week there were some strong indications that labor might be forthcoming, but I guess she changed her mind, and we're still firmly planted in the very pregnant zone. And when I say very pregnant, I mean VERY PREGNANT. Look:

39 weeks

As I was taking these photos I remembered that this was the same shirt that I was wearing when I took the first photos of this pregnancy at 9 weeks. This is clearly a testament to the versatility (not to mention the elasticity) of this top, which is one of my fave non-maternity shirts. Anyway, I decided a little bit of fun with photoshop was in order, so I made a couple of collages. Please note that I am NOT the graphic designer in the household. I could barely figure out how to get these photos into photoshop, and it's a miracle that I made it this far. So don't laugh. Except maybe at the absurdity which is the bare belly shot, which hubby says looks like a giant clay prosthetic.

Boom! Look how hard that shirt is working! Pretty impressive. Hopefully it's not stretched beyond recognition and will still be wearable if and when she decides to actually evacuate the premises.

Here's hoping that there won't be any more weeks worth of growth to document. I'm ready any day now, sister. Let's get this show on the road!

See the whole collection of Thing 2 belly shots here.