March 17, 2012

baby fix

I'm sure I don't need to apologize for my radio silence of late. Life's been a little busy. Today was actually the first time that I sat down and looked at all the photos that we've taken since Juniper was born, and I have uploaded a few to flickr here in case you need a baby fix too.

Baby feet!

My darling girl is three weeks old today, and as you can see, she hasn't missed a meal yet. So far, she's a sweet and mellow little thing who is content to just eat and sleep through life. When she is awake, she's happy to sit and watch, or have kisses lavished on her by her adoring big brother.


Whenever I look down at her nursing or asleep on my chest, I see Lincoln, albiet a (believe it or not!) slightly smaller version. Juniper is shorter with chubbier limbs, and she's still got that scrunched up froggy newborn thing going on where her legs stay folded up all the time.

Lincoln is enjoying his role as big brother, and loves to hold baby sister and help change her. It's not all rainbows and unicorns around here though, as he's also going through what we assume is a very normal phase of what can nicely be described as pure bull-headed defiance. No doubt it's a combination of being two and a half and also adjusting to a new face in the house taking up lots of mama's time. Our previously amenable and pleasant little boy is now occasionally quite a handful. Lucky for me, David's taken some time off work since Juniper's birth, so I haven't had to try to wrangle him one-handed yet, but my time is up. Monday will be the start of a new adventure and a true test of my abilities. Hoping I survive!


More pics here. Thanks for visiting!