April 30, 2012

kcwc- done! Next up- MMM'12!

The spring 2012 edition of kcwc is officially in the bag! My sewing spilled over a little bit into today, but no one said that I had to stop at day seven. Juniper, for one, is glad that I kept at it.

She's modeling Simplicity 1813, view A. It's an adorable and ridiculously easy sunsuit pattern from a vintage reissue in the summer collection. It's really just a square sack gathered with elastic and with ties at the shoulders.

I made the size small (6 months/13-18 lbs) for her to wear this summer. She's currently two months old and almost 12.5 lbs, and as you can see, she has plenty of room to fill it out. I would still like to make up a couple of the other views from this pattern before summer comes. They're so simple and quick to make, it could be an easy wardrobe builder.

I also revisited the bucket hat, as promised. The size large is a better fit for Lincoln's big ol' head, and should get him through the summer. And I couldn't decide between two combos, so I made them both. It's four hats in two! First, brown and orange stripes, just like I said I would:

This one reverses to the same khaki shirt fabric that I used for the last one:

And this adorable plane fabric was stuffed away, so I missed it the first time but couldn't pass it up this time around! It's the same print that I used to line Lincoln's backpack, and it doesn't get seen very much in there. In this application, it can really shine!

It reverses to navy twill. Simple and understated. This hat will match the other half of Lincoln's wardrobe that the brown and orange one doesn't.

Don't they look cute all stacked up? Totally copied the Oliver + S photo shoot with this one!

The bottom one has already gotten some wear on this past sunny Saturday, but I forgot to take a photo of it in action.

So, how did I do? Well, I set out with a pretty achievable goal of only three items:

  • Sun hat for Lincoln. Check! (Also, check! And check!)
  • Sun bonnet for Juniper. Fail. This one will get made though. I just love that pattern too much not to!
  • Romper for Juniper. Check!

Not too bad, and thanks to preschool photo day, I even ended up with two bonus items. Lincoln wore the blue and green Tee for Two today, and he'll get lots of use out of both of them over the next few months so I think that was a great use of my kcwc energy. 

These challenges are a great idea for a person like me. It's good for me to focus my energy on something specific for a short period of time and then move along. I get bored easily, but work really well on deadlines (even fakey self-imposed ones that are easily broken or manipulated).

So, in the spirit of that was fun! done with that! moving right along! I've decided to also participate in Zoe's MMM'12, my first Me-Made-May challenge, starting tomorrow. Here's my official pledge:

I, Tiffany of twilltapeshop.com, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '12. I endeavor to wear at least one me-made garment three times per week for the duration of May 2012. Further, I will attempt to continue to expand my me-made wardrobe by one garment per week.

I'm hoping that in wearing my rather limited selection of me-made garments, I can get an idea of what works and what doesn't, and try to focus my sewing energy in a productive direction. I'll keep you updated on my progress here, and you can check in with the other participants, including hostess/founder Zoe of 'So, Zo... What do you know?' on the flickr group, or the Facebook page. Move over April, time for Me-Made-May!