April 20, 2012

Spring tops, part deux

So yeah, I sewed some more tops (three), and I'm not 100% sure, but I might kind of hate them... Well, actually, I only really hate one, but I think it will probably be okay after I totally remake it, if I ever get around to that. The second one I'm luke warm about. It's just not really me, but I was trying new things and I learned a lot in the process, so it's a win for that. The third one I just finished and I haven't even tried it on yet (I'm wearing a sleeping Juniper in the Moby), but I have high hopes about it. Or it might be a bit referee-ish. Not sure yet. I imagine I'll have a better idea once it's actually been on my body.

Anyhoo- you can't see the first one because it's just that bad, and there's no photos of three yet due to the sleeping baby business, but let's talk about number two, shall we?

It's view B of New Look 6107:

I do like to muslin first for size, but I can never bring myself to use actual muslin. I would rather use a fabric that I'm not in love with from my rather sizable stash instead, then if the fit is wrong or I hate it, it's not a complete loss. I had this plaid that was the right weight and drape, and I thought it was worth a try. I can't decide whether my finished top is more cowgirl or camp counselor, but either way, I just don't think it's really me.

That being said, I am rather proud of my plaid matching skills, as this was my first attempt at such an adventure. This was also my first FBA, which went smoothly and I think it does improve the fit of this top quite a bit.

But yeah, seriously. Yee-haw!

And even though I had my doubts about the fabric, I still took my time to finish things nicely and I'm really pleased with the end result construction-wise.

This fabric is a vintage find from a trunk full of fabric that I purchased from Craigslist a couple years ago (yes, Margo, that one you led me to. Evil temptress!) It's nice and drapey, but loosely woven and prone to ravelling, so I was afraid if I left the edges raw all hell would break loose. And serging this old fabric just felt wrong, so I pulled out some light blue vintage seam tape that I found at the thrift store that kind of matched, and wrapped all the straight seams with that. I pinked the sleeve/armscye seam because I couldn't imagine bothering with the hem tape there.

In retrospect, this would have been a nicer effect if I could have been bothered to change the thread to match the hem tape, but as you can see- I couldn't. I did add my little twilltape tag to the neckline though, just for fun. So yeah, I might use this pattern again to make another cute summer top, but I think I've learned my lesson about plaid. Maybe a white swiss dot instead?

And even though I don't love it, I did put my top in the 2012 Spring Top pool, which is just packed full of cute spring top inspiration. Check it out!