May 18, 2012

Friday stream-of-consciousness

Another Friday means week three of MMM'12 is nearly in the bag. I'm almost out of me-made attire, so it's time for repeats and possibly some re-makes to get me through the rest of the month. I have a little ginormous stack of items in a to-be-refashioned basket that are either too big or too small or were formerly maternity wear that I think could be useful if I could ever get around to figuring out how to fix them (and then actually implement the fixes). There's even a pair of maternity jeans in there that are actually pretty cute, but they have that belly-band waist thing. I don't know if it would be crazy to just cut it off and try to make normal jeans from them? My frugality and my "I can sew that" attitude tend to get me in trouble in terms of parting with things that are maybe just better sent away...

On that note, turns out that there are plenty of people that are better at parting with their stashes than I am. I recently discovered the SewItsForSale yahoo group, and holy goldmine- it's awesome! I mostly just peruse the listings out of curiosity, but I caved the other day and scored a lot of 17+ yards of various knit fabrics for $30. That's a LOT of Renfrews, right there. And tees for Lincoln and Junebug too, of course. But first, a Renfrew:

This is high quality fabric- it's nice and thick with great recovery. This shirt feels a little like an Ace Bandage, actually, but it's snug in a good way and I can tell that it won't stretch all out of shape and bag out unattractively like some of the junky knits I've picked up at JoAnn can tend to do. The sweet little old lady (in my mind- we haven't met IRL) whose stash these came from obviously shopped at quality stores and probably paid much more than the $1.76(!)/yd that she charged me. Score! Anyway, you should absolutely go check out the Yahoo group- you do have to sign up to be a member- if you're into the idea of thrifting or estate sale-ing for fabric and patterns but don't want to actually leave your house to do it. There are also LOTS of nice fancy sewing machines for sale, and I've seen many that are brand new or very gently used but the owner decided to upgrade to an even fancier and more expensive version. This is no shady internet dealings, these are serious sewing ladies with good stuff! Wait, actually, don't check it out- that leaves more finds for me!

And speaking of the awesome online sewing community, I decided to try posting a classified ad on Pattern Review in search of an out-of-print pattern that I've had on my wish list for a while. Within a day, I was contacted by someone who was willing to part with their uncut copy, and she didn't charge me a dime (not even for shipping) to send it to me! Amazing! I'll have to find way to pass that love along somehow.

How about a few outtakes from today's photo shoot:

Lincoln insists on being in charge of the camera remote when I take my pictures. He likes to sit in his stroller just off camera and direct the scene. Then after a few shots, he wants to take some of himself, of course. He insists that we say "cheese".

Lincoln is blessed with a wicked combination of my hair (cowlicks) and his dad's (prone to random bouts of crazyness) and this morning his bedhead was so insane I had to investigate further.

Juniper, meanwhile, sits just off camera, mostly oblivious to the whole scene, but occasionally cooing at us to get our attention. It always works.

Also, this morning I called Juniper "sister bear" and was informed by Lincoln that she is NOT sister bear. Sister Bear is only in the book we read at naptime. Juniper is only "Juniper Bug". Okay. Noted.

Toddlers are so awesome.