May 31, 2012

MMM'12: the end times

Day 31! Done!

I totally lost steam sometime last week, and never really managed to regain it. The reasons for my decline can be attributed to me running out of me-mades and the fact that I'm not terribly creative when it comes to mixing and matching, so anything I wore again would (and did) just end up being worn in the exact same way. Not terribly exciting or worth documenting for all posterity. The presumption there being that ANY of this is worth documenting for posterity. The jury's still out on that, I imagine. I don't particularly enjoy self-portraiture, but other than that aspect this whole thing was a really fun exercise.

Anyway, on to the much-anticipated conclusion of Me Made May '12, as documented by yours truly:

I can't remember if I skipped Monday the 21st or if I just wore something boring and didn't take a picture. Either way, by Tuesday I guess I was feeling creative, and decided to break out this amazing skirt I picked up a few years ago at Anthro. I don't wear it much because I don't have anything that really goes with it, but I thought my new Simplicity 1808 worked quite nicely. Add some pretty blue patent leather shoes and I've got myself an ideal outfit for any number of occasions. Most of which would involve leaving the house and interacting with actual grown-up humans, I suppose, but who has time for that?

May 22

Exhausted by all the pulled-together-ness of Tuesday's outfit, I took a much more casual approach to Wednesday. I figured it was time to give Chevron Renfrew (the second) a shot at life outside the closet. Turned out that I didn't actually care about the stripe mismatch on the shoulder that much, and one of the other mamas at preschool even told me I looked cute. Guess it's a keeper, after all.

May 23

I think on Thursday I actually did wear something me-made, but I didn't take a picture of what it was. Friday I didn't wear anything me-made, but I sewed up my wardrobe contribution for the week, which I then wore on Saturday and failed to photograph. Sunday was spent, as usual, in pajamas most of the day, and since Monday was a holiday- that day was too. That brings us to yesterday- Tuesday- which I totally thought was the 31st when I woke up. I wanted to wear my newest make again, but it was still in the laundry from Saturday so I threw it in the wash with the intention of changing into it to finish up the month. Then midway through the day I realized that it was in fact only the 30th, so I decided to just save my new top for today. And guess what? It's ANOTHER Renfrew!

May 31

I picked up this cool knit fabric months ago at the local fabric outlet and I've been saving it waiting for the perfect pattern to show off the open lacy weave. When time kept passing and I couldn't figure out what that perfect pattern might be, I finally decided to just cut into it already and used the Renfrew pattern that was still sitting on my cutting table from last week.

I did make a couple of modifications this time around. Inspired by Steph's post about neckline modifications, I widened and scooped out the front a little bit more and made a v back. This light and airy fabric felt like summer to me, and I thought a more open neckline would complement it well. I used Tasia's directions for the v-neck option to sew the neckband on, just flipped the front to the back. And I kept the waist band, but didn't want the sleeve bands this time around. Instead, I just folded the sleeve up twice to make a little cuff and stitched it down with a twin needle hem. I think it would have been cute to add a little button strap to the cuff, but I haven't gotten around to it and probably won't bother if I'm being perfectly honest.

Try it, it's fun!

So MMM'12 is done, and I'm calling it a success. I learned a lot about what I like and don't about the things that I've made, and will be retiring a couple of things to the scrap pile accordingly. I also managed to make one item a week, as pledged, and hope to continue busting through my stash. I didn't get to the dress that I have in the queue, but I will soon.

Big thanks to Zoe for organizing this. It's been so much fun to see so many bloggers all over the world sewing and showing off their creations this way. Can't wait for next time!