May 19, 2012

MMM'12 week three recap

And so it goes. Week three of MMM'12 done. More fun with PicMonkey had. Such an exciting life I lead!

Monday, May 14: nice and sunny. I pulled out a refashioned shirt from a Spring Top Week of yore. Yes, it used to be Spring Top Week, not the month-long extravaganza that it is now. But I digress. I paired my former man-shirt with some comfy cropped khakis and basic sandals for that laid-back, beachy vibe. I project serenity and effortless beauty, no?

Anyway, this top is okay. Despite the way it looks in the photo below, it's relatively well fitted and I don't feel like a total slob in it. Although the elastic gathers in the sleeves really do start to bug me by evening time. A nice plush elastic would be nicer, or a casing perhaps. I do like the slightly wider neckline and the keyhole, and overall I think this one's alright. Not a contender for MVP, but a healthy member of the team nonetheless.

cross process effect + photo corners

Tuesday I had a doctor appointment to get a lump in my breast checked out. I was down to only two tops and a skirt before I had to break out the repeats, and one of the tops (worn below) needs to be safety pinned to my bra straps to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. Didn't think that would be terribly convenient considering my day's agenda. The other top I don't really like and may never wear again, and the skirt needs a post-partum adjustment. So, RTW it was. No biggie, it was still early enough in the week that I knew I could still meet my three-day-a-week goal. Also: I had an ultrasound, I'm totally fine. It's likely just a plugged milk duct or maybe just a normal bumpy part of me. Nothing to be concerned about. Phew!

Which brings us to Wednesday and the aforementioned top. This is a chocolate brown copy of a RTW knit top that I own (and wear the hell out of) in black. I did some miscalculations on the pattern for the copy, and I ended up with a really wide neckline, hence the safety pins. I should really add some of those lingerie snaps to keep things together in a more official way, but for now I just slide a pin through the shoulder seam and over my bra strap. No more peekaboo straps! Despite this drawback, I wear this top all the time. Definite winner.

After realizing that my uniform seems to consist of one of three pairs of jeans every day with a different knit top, I decided to mix it up a little bit and pulled out a skirt. It's a basic A-line linen from Old Navy with a nice diagonal print. Add metallic bronze gladiator-esque sandals and I look relatively well pulled together. You would never know that I spend my day cleaning up spit-up and tripping on blocks.

urbane effect + paper scrap overlay

Thursday was spent lounging with Lincoln, who had been up half the night coughing up a lung. I actually did wear my me-made brown jersey Pina top (my first repeat!), but I paired it with holey black yoga pants and my slippers, and never ventured further than the back yard that day. I did not document that outfit for posterity, you'll just have to use your imagination.

I was able to get in a little bit of sewing time Thursday afternoon while Lincoln was passed out in a drug-induced coma slumbered peacefully, and I decided to revisit the Renfrew. I used half of one of the pieces of knit that I bragged about yesterday and used the same scoop neck as the chevron versions, but added three-quarter sleeves. And I know everyone in the sewing world has already said it, but I will too: this is simply an awesome pattern. It's quick, basic without being totally boring, and so versatile.

I did the same frankensizing this time that I did before, cutting a four everywhere except the front bust area, which I cut at an eight. The sleeves I cut in a six. This fabric is much more stable than the soft jersey that I used before, but I still think the fit is pretty much perfect. There will be more Renfrews in my future, for sure.

And since Friday was a grey and chilly morning, I was presented with the perfect opportunity to wear my new creation. Back to my mama uniform of jeans, flats, and a knit tee. I did finally replace my hair dryer, but I did not put on lipstick. I don't even own anything that colorful. Thanks to PicMonkey though, I can pretend!

infrared effect + lip tint

So hooray! Three weeks down, two to go! And I did meet my goal this week; wearing me-made four days and adding one item to the arsenal. I'm still hoping to have a chance before the month is up to put together a dress, and I want to try to make a dent in that to-be-refashioned pile that is taking up so much space in my sewing room. I almost cut off the sleeve of one of the chevron Renfrews yesterday, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Four-thread serging is no fun to rip. And the fabric is so soft I know I will make a hole (or many). I'm going to try to wear one as-is and see if I can just get over it. The non-matching sleeves on the top I made this week don't bother me at all, but it is a much busier stripe. Oh well. Whatever. Onward!

Oh, and just in case you're wondering about the weekend- I often don't get out of my pj's until I (sometimes) shower around dinner time. I know, I know. No judgement! Of course, if we leave the house it's a different story, but the last couple weekends have been mostly pj days. And since I didn't participate in the Pyjama Party this time around, I have not been wearing anything me-made on Saturday or Sunday. Next time!

And again, if you want to see the un-weirded out versions of these photos, just click and be taken to the original on flickr.