May 12, 2012

MMM'12 week two recap

At Oona's insistence, I did, in fact, go try PicMonkey. I lost an hour of my life messing with these photos, but at least you don't have to look at boring old un-fancified pics of what I wore this week*. You're welcome.

On Monday I broke out my bamboo burnout tank by Cynthia Rowley for Simplicity. I wasn't sure if it would fit, but with a little *ahem* arranging, the back zipper slid into place. I can see now that a full bust adjustment would probably make this fit much better, but when I made it the top was actually a little gapey. Thanks nursing! As if fitting clothes over boobs isn't complicated enough already.

With tranquil effect. I'm so zen.

And this outfit, while quite cute, turned out to be a ridiculous choice for this breastfeeding mama. To feed Junie, I had to pull the  strap off my shoulder to get the cup of the tank down, and slide my undershirt up from the bottom. It worked fine once I figured out the logistics, but those shenanigans would not be fun in public. Fortunately, me and "the public" are not forced to interact all that often.

Tuesday I decided to give myself a break and chose to wear something that was actually designed with a nursing mama in mind. My first Pina top, designed by the lovely and talented Megan Nielsen, has an elasticized neckline to facilitate breastfeeding with ease. Throw it on over a white tank top and yesterday's jeans, and voila! Dressed.

With boost effect and a paper scrap overlay.

Things did take a turn while drying my hair, however, when I started to smell something reminiscent of toasted marshmallows. Or maybe... maybe it's melting plastic? Is it just me, or does the electrical outlet look a little black? Lean in to get a closer look, why don't you?
End scene.

Which brings us to Wednesday: hairdryer-less. Fine. Whatever. Me-made Butterick 5495 rescued from the (clean) laundry pile. Jeans. Cool necklace to distract from untamed locks and un-ironed clothes. This top's a little frumpy, but it's comfy and I like the color. I will continue to wear it despite its potentially unflattering character, citing my casual Pacific NW surroundings and hey- at least I'm wearing proper shoes and not socks with Birks.

With daguerreotype effect at 60%.

Thursday. Still haven't replaced the hairdryer. Need a haircut anyway, so just throw it back in a barrette (again) and call it a day. Wearing my Swedish Camo top and fave casual lace-front chinos from Banana that only suck a little bit in that they have no pockets. I feel like the shoulders and sleeves of this top make me look unnaturally wide, but I don't care and wear it all the time anyway. This is one of my me-made items (along with the green top above) that has seen the most use since its birth. Also a bit of a challenge to nurse in, but not enough to dissuade me from keeping it in consistent rotation from laundry to body (an admittedly slow process around these parts).

Polaroid film effect. This could totally be a photo of my mom!

Friday. Have moved the dead hairdryer from a stack of crap by the front door to the actual garbage can. Progress, indeed. Wearing the newly minted top from Simplicity 1808. Casual, comfy, pink. These are a few of my favorite things. This one will be worn a lot too.

Fancy focus effect, AKA artfully blurry. 

Conclusion: I owned MMM'12 this week. Not only did I manage to dress in me-mades on five days (+2 over my pledged goal of three), but I completed a successful new item (for about $5) that will be welcomed into my closet with loving arms. And unlike last week, I actually like all of these me-made items and feel like myself in them.

Thanks again to Zoe for founding this whole Me-Made month business. It's totally fun, and for me it's been a great exercise to identify what I'm sewing that works and what I'm sewing that I've sewn just for the sake of sewing something. I know I totally do that, and maybe now I'll be a little more cognizant of it and make smarter choices. Also- you should definitely stop by the flickr group and see what everyone else is wearing. Not everyone lives in Seattle and wears boring mom knits and jeans everyday. Or maybe they do live here but don't use that as an excuse. Overachievers. Anyway, the point is that there are some seriously stylish women out there!

*Just in case you do want to look at the original, boring old un-fancified versions of these pics, give 'em a click and you'll be taken right back to basics. Bonus: Thursday's photo has a fun little game of "find the former president" if you're looking for some entertainment Where's Waldo? style.