July 26, 2012

the Juniper bug

Yesterday little Juniper was five months old! As I am a terrible mother very busy and important person, I totally forgot to take a picture to document the day for posterity until I was falling asleep at 11:30 last night. Oops, today's close enough. So without further ado, here's my darling JuneBug at the ripe old age of five months plus one day:

She's all smiles and chubs- gotta love that!

It would appear that those blue eyes are here to stay. Never would have thought my brown eyed hubster and I could make a blue eyed baby. Genetics are neato!

And even though she might kill me for it someday, I just had to include this action shot of drool dripping down her chin post open-mouth Sophie kiss:

It's been a fabulous and crazy fast five months. We love you to the moon and back, little Junie Bear!

Back soon with more sewing fun! Thurlow Shorts II are nearing completion, with 100% more polka dots and 75% of the pockets.