August 22, 2012

adventures in sunshine

Since the last time I was here, so much has happened that I don't even know where to start! So how about we just jump in with the fact that my baby turned three!! I can't even believe it.

The birthday banner and the name bunting are still going strong, two years after their debut. The table in the background, however, has been retired. Pro tip: don't leave the open umbrella in the table and then leave for a week. We came home from vacation to find one GIANT mess of safety glass, and the umbrella lying down in the yard ten feet below the deck. Ooops.

My big birthday boy was pretty pleased with the fancy birthday crown that he was given at preschool. And with the cupcakes that he helped me make and decorate before our family birthday dinner. He insisted on pink frosting and pink candles, because that's just how he rolls.

The next week was spent frolicking in the warm(ish), crystal clear water of Lake Chelan. Lincoln's bucket hats got a workout, and I finally got around to sewing the sun bonnet that I've been threatening to make Juniper since forever.

That's Rae's Peekaboo Bonnet pattern, and it's super cute and easy to make. I put it together Friday afternoon in an hour or so in a last-ditch effort to get the little one sun-ready for our trip Saturday morning. I made her a cute little ruffle-butt swim suit too, but we failed to take any pictures of her in it. I'll have to take some and do a proper write up of both patterns here another time.

While in Chelan, we visited the beautiful Lake Chelan Winery (twice!) and attempted to take some family photos in their picturesque location. It quickly became apparent that family photos with a wiggly infant and an even wigglier toddler are near impossible.

The choke-hold is a move that Lincoln's been perfecting for a while. I'm pretty impressed by his strength.

Not surprisingly, pictures of three children under three is no more successful than one with adults involved.

Hula Hooping, however, that's easy.

See what I mean about the picturesque locale? It's really beautiful. I'm not going to lie though- it's absolutely the BBQ and not the view that keeps us coming back year after year. It's totally worth the drive to Chelan (from anywhere) for a taste of the ribs. Melty, smokey, tender, and delish. They are absolutely not to be missed if you're in the area.

Anyway- that brings us mostly up to date. We visited, ate good food, swam in the lake, and pretty much avoided burning our pasty white complexions in the process. Lincoln turned three and has developed quite the little attitude for someone of his stature. Will be back more to share sewing related stuff once I get back in the sewing groove. A week away from my machine was certainly welcome, but now I'm finding myself struggling a bit to get back on the horse. Suppose it doesn't help that I haven't even picked Brother up from the shop where he was getting a little tune-up and cleaning while we were away... gotta get on that.

How's your summer going? Any lovely trips or mouth-watering BBQ in your life?