August 31, 2012

ruffle butt!

Alright, in honor of Labor Day weekend (AKA the last days of sunshine we're likely to see in Seattle until next year sometime), I put Juniper's little ruffle-butt suit on her today and forced her to hang out on the lawn for a photo shoot. She hated it, and pretty much cried the whole time. Sorry little lady! You'll learn that we make sacrifices for fashion sometimes.

And probably someday lying on a nice green lawn won't seem like much of a sacrifice at all anyway. More like a vacation.

Stilettos. That's the kind of sacrifice I'm talking about. But anyway...

Ruffle-ey butt. Doesn't get much cuter than that, right?

The pattern is Kwik Sew 3606, which is sadly out of print. I picked it up cheap on the Kwik Sew website when I saw that it had been discontinued, and I'm glad I did. It's the perfect easy little-girl suit.

There are two changes that I made to the pattern. 1) I fully lined it with white swim lining, just in case the white background of my swim fabric ended up being see-through when wet. 2) I added the snaps to the crotch for easy diaper changes. I totally copied one of the two Snap Me suits that I bought for Juniper when they were on a while back to get this detail right. And yes, that means my six-month old baby has three swim suits now. She's adorable! I can't help myself.

The snap inseam was actually really easy. Instead of sewing the crotch seam together as the pattern says to do,  I applied the elastic to the leg openings first. Then I stitched together two rectangles of interfaced swim fabric on three sides, turned them right side out, and slipped the raw edge of the suit inside and stitched it on. Then I top-stitched it all the way around and applied resin snaps with my snap press. Easy peasy, and much easier to change!

Love her chubster little legs! And look at that! She's trying so hard to get up on her knees to crawl. Not yet though. Thank heavens. I don't think I'm quite ready for mobility just yet.