October 10, 2012

thanks kollabora!

Somehow, somebody at kollabora recently decided that I was a good candidate for a little treat courtesy of the fine folks at Mood Fabrics. I have no idea how on earth I even appeared on their radar, but I'm sure glad I did! My package arrived yesterday, and I can't wait to stitch it up!

I had my choice of sewing kits, including a pattern, fabric, and notions. I chose this pencil skirt pattern (New Look 6103), because it's a great basic that will play nicely with my in-progress working girl wardrobe. And surprisingly, I didn't already have a pencil skirt pattern in my stash.

I was also given the opportunity to choose any fabric from Mood to substitute into my kit, but I admit, I suffered from a bit of overabundance-of-options anxiety when it came time to pick something. I have a hard time envisioning something from a computer screen swatch, and even though there are a million great options, I took the easy way out and just went with the awesome fabric that Team Kollabora chose. It's a Nicole Miller Rayon/Wool blend, and I think that the border print is such an interesting way to elevate a simple pencil skirt shape like this. I love it!

Thanks so much to Kollabora and Mood for inviting me to play along! I'm excited to dig into the community and see what others are making too!

I've got another garment in progress right now (Cambie, baby!) but I'll be back to share my own pencil skirt soon! I can't promise I'll style it as *ahem* creatively as you see it above, but we'll see! I just might surprise you.