October 31, 2012

The 'Credible Hulk!

So, you may recall that Lincoln was torn between dressing as Captain America and The Incredible Hulk for Halloween, and he finally decided on Captain America. Well, he then suggested that maybe Sister could be the Hulk. We had a good laugh at that, because obviously it's just silly. And we would never. And then...


somehow I found myself in my sewing room searching for a suitable pattern to make a wee superhero of my baby girl. And not just any superhero, but the raging green Hulk. By the way, with a little coaching, Lincoln is finally able to pronounce "Hulk" instead of "Hork" but he still doesn't quite get all the syllables in "Incredible", hence the title.


So, I have two little superheroes this Halloween. And when I suggested that this might be a little mean, David reminded me that we'll have plenty of time for princess dresses and all that sparkly stuff. And besides, we're giving her great material to blog about someday during her angsty teenage years.

In case you would like to humiliate your baby daughter similarly, the bodysuit is based on Butterick 5896. It's view E, simple envelope-neck pj's, with the feet from view F added for warmth. It's an okay pattern I guess, just a bunch of baby basics. I made size medium and shortened the body by two inches, and I could have taken in the width too, but I was originally planning to pad it into a muscle suit so I didn't mind it being a little too big.

I do think that the way they have you do the neckline is kind of weird- it's bound in regular woven bias tape. If I were to make this pattern again I would use ribbing instead. I also added cuffs to the sleeves instead of the turn-and-stitch hem that was called for. It just seemed easier that way, and more comfy. And instead of snap tape in the inseam I used my snap press to set some acid green resin snaps. The fabric is a nice rayon jersey, very soft and quite a hulk-ey color. The feet are too small. I don't think Juniper has particularly large feet, so I didn't even think to check that they would be big enough before I started sewing.

Baby Hulk

The pants are just a simple elastic waist number, hastily stitched together with the serger because I knew that as soon as I was finished with them I would just be chopping them up. The fabric is left over from my Grimace Maternity top, and just happened to be the perfect shade of purple for Hulk's pants.

And finally, the hat/wig is based on the hat included in McCall's 8574, another baby layette set. I made the hat from the green fabric and then stitched on a strip of fake fur around the sides, adding a roundish patch on top. Voila! Baby Hulk.

We got the kiddos dressed up in their outfits today to go Trick-or-Treat at Daddy's work, which is sometimes an event. Not so much this year though, and Lincoln left empty-pumpkin-ed. There was actually a lone desk with candy, but Lincoln was too shy to say "Trick-or-Treat" and wouldn't even take a piece of candy when it was offered to him with no strings attached. (Thanks anyway Cathy!) We did get a nice shot of the kiddos and David in this fantastic fur throne though, so it was worth the trip. Also donuts!

We tried again after dinner on a nearby street that goes all-out with the Halloween excitement (ours is lame and every house on our block is dark) and came home with a pumpkin full of sugary cavity-inducing goodness. Luckily, Lincoln is still too young to really care much about the haul, so he won't notice as it slowly disappears over the next few days. He also managed to score the whole lot without saying "Trick-or-Treat" once, so if you ask me, he hardly deserves it anyway. He almost wouldn't even wear his costume, saying that he preferred to go as "just plain Lincoln" but we managed to convince him otherwise.

Hopefully you all had a happy and safe Halloween! Ours was solidly okay, but next year we'll be taking a cue from the big groups of parents we saw following their hoards of kids around with Solo cups of wine in hand. Treats for everyone! Those guys know how to Halloween!