November 8, 2012

chocolate raspberry cord skirt -or- New Look 6030, revisited

While it was all fresh in my mind (and the pattern pieces were still strewn about), I decided to take on New Look 6030 again. In my post about the Emergency Red Skirt, I mentioned that I had a piece of pink corduroy that I thought would make a cute view E, with those precious ruffly pockets. Well, after I pulled that piece of corduroy out I realized that it was really stretchy and probably better suited to something snug like perhaps a pair of Clovers. I also have the pink twill from my Thurlow shorts, plenty left to make this skirt up, but then it occurred to me that it IS November in Seattle, and mostly always freezingasscold, and perhaps I should try to make something a little more season and climate appropriate.

I turned to this spotty brown corduroy- something that I picked up on clearance (surprise!) months ago. You might recognize it from the Little Lisette collection by the supremely talented Liesl Gibson. I originally purchased it with the intention of making this adorable little shirred corduroy jumper for Juniper from an old issue of Ottobre, but it was so cheap I bought like three yards just in case I ever wanted to make myself a skirt to match. Good thing, too, 'cause it turns out I did.

New Look 6030 (again)

I paired it with the Simplicity 1808 top that I made a few months ago. I recently dyed this top a deeper raspberry shade because I got caught up in reading a bunch of articles about what colors I'm supposed to wear the best and decided that the pastel pink wasn't working for me. I'm still not entirely convinced I know what season I fall into (deep autumn?), but whatever. I think I'm happier with the more vibrant color.

New Look 6030 skirt

This time around I did in fact make view E. Except I added two inches in length because I'm an old lady/mom who crawls around on the floor and is fairly uninterested in flashing the world my undies. (Even though I have been working on a few pairs of the Rosy Ladyshorts *free pattern alert!* recently, and they're pretty cute.) Still, view E as drafted was a little bit too miniskirt for me. Adding two inches to the length brings it almost to the length of views A and B, but not quite. And there's no back vent in this view. So it's totally different (almost) but not really...

New Look 6030 back

I made a size 8 this time, with no alterations. I do like the fit much better, but I've also worn the (size 10) red skirt again and it's fine too. Not much to say about this one- it's cozy and nice for these crisp fall days layered with tights and boots. Oh, and hopefully my brown-on brown-on yet another brown isn't offending anyone's delicate sensibilities, but I have it on good authority that it's not important to match anymore. Welcome to 2012. Anything goes!


But seriously, let's all say hooray for pockets! These ones are nice and deep too. Plenty of room for the phone/keys/random baby crap that I need to keep handy. And I don't think the ruffle makes it read too toddler-ey, does it? I think the rest of the silhouette is sleek and basic enough that it all works out. Must make more pocketed skirts!