December 24, 2012

My Greatest (sewing*) Hits of 2012

Top 5 of 2012

I decided that I'm going to play along with Gillian of Crafting a Rainbow as she celebrates her year in sewing with a few Top 5 posts. I had already been thinking it would be interesting to do an end of the year wrap-up of some sort (interesting to me, obviously, less so to you) to get an idea of what exactly I did make this year, how it's holding up, if I ever wear it, etc, so Gillian's Top 5 idea was the perfect starting point. 

And, following Gillian's lead, I think I'll also start with my "Top 5 Favourite** Creations (most worn, or most loved!)" from 2012. And they are:

In 5th place: The pink Thurlow shorts.

Pink Thurlow Shorts

These shorts marked a pretty huge moment in my sewing career, as they were the first garment that I sewed where I really had to change the pattern to fit to my body. I was pretty thrilled when it turned out that I was successful at accomplishing that task, and I wore these shorts a ton over the summer. I also love the fabric and the color combo, even if no one sees the fun yellow lining once they're on. The only reason these don't earn a higher place in my list is because we live in Seattle, where it's too cold to get any use out of these for like 80% of the year.

4th place goes to another Sewaholic pattern- a stripey Renfrew:

Stripey Renfrew

I stitched this up during Me Made May and it's been a staple of my wardrobe ever since. It's one of those items that goes from the wash to my back, then back to the wash regularly (a cycle that admittedly can take a couple of weeks around here sometimes, with a long layover in Crumpledheapsville on the couch). I love the fabric for this Renfrew most of all- it's thick and stable with great recovery and it just feels good on. Solid pattern plus awesome fabric equals huge win! But still fourth place because it's just a boring tee shirt.

In 3rd, my new Tiramisu:

Tiramisu Dress by Cake Patterns

I haven't actually worn this yet except to take pictures, but I have high hopes not only for this rendition, but for the pattern in general. I predict that Tiramisu will be turned to often to create more fabulous knit magic.

Further proving my love for all things Sewaholic, 2nd place goes to my Dottie Cambie:

Cambie View A

Comfortable, versatile, nicely finished on the inside, this dress is just awesome. And I can definitely imagine revisiting this pattern too, probably in a nice breezy summery print and the full-skirted view for when I'm feeling particularly girly.

And that brings us to first place, and I admit I'm cheating a little and calling it a tie. I made five skirts this year (still need to show you the latest), and these two are hands down my favorites:

Fuzzy PicMonkey collage- not sure what's up with that. It hasn't happened before?

They're the Math is Hard skirt (New Look 6106) on the left, in dark slub denim with an exposed metal zipper; and the Emergency Red Skirt (New Look 6030 in cotton twill) on the right. I still don't love the fit of the red skirt, but that doesn't stop me from wearing it regularly. It's a great basic, just like the denim skirt, and that's exactly what I need in my wardrobe. I love clothes that are just a little bit nicer than jeans and a tee, but don't make me feel like I'm playing dress-up. These pieces are it.

I'm going to try to keep all of these winners in mind as I plan my sewing projects for 2013. I made 21 garments for myself in 2012, including 4 dresses, 8 tops (3 woven and 5 knit), 2 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of panties Rosy Lady Shorts, and 5 skirts. My pattern stash is definitely disproportionately dress-centric, and I'm always attracted to dresses that I see other bloggers sew up and when I'm pattern shopping. And yes, I like wearing dresses, but separates are really more my style. I like being able to mix it up so I don't feel like I'm wearing the same outfit over and over even if I am constantly repeating elements. And as much fun as fancy party dresses might be to drool over and dream about, my life is decidedly lacking in parties. I would love to sew more things that I want to wear every day, and things that I really need in 2013.

I was actually kind of surprised when I started making this list to see that I had sewn as many things as I did, considering I was hugely pregnant for the first two months of this year and living with a newborn and toddler thereafter. And also a bit surprised that I can honestly say that I do wear almost everything I made this year on a fairly regular basis, with only a few exceptions. You'll see what those items are when I post my 5 misses, and why they made that list...

Big thanks to Gillian for the great year-end wrap up ideas! It's been really fun to read the other posts I've seen on the topic so far- I love seeing how productive everyone is! It's totally inspiring. And I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas Eve if you're celebrating, and a wonderful Monday if you're not!

*Obviously, my greatest contribution of 2012 is my precious little Junie. That goes without saying! And it's been a while since I've photobombed you with my kiddos, and it's Christmas, so indulge me:


Juniper thoroughly enjoyed her first carousel ride, and her first taste of candy cane. Santa did not impress her quite so much though!


Merry Christmas to all (and to all a good night)!

**Isn't that cute? Gillian's not a bad speller, she's just Canadian! ;)