January 29, 2013

Merry Christmas to me!

Guys, I'm not gonna lie. I kind of hate January. I've been really feeling the cold and grey this year, and it's just making everything feel so blah. Doesn't help that it's tax time- but I've already complained about that so I won't whine further. And after publicly proclaiming that 2012 was sewing-fail-free, the first thing to come off my machine in 2013 was awful. Ugh! Then my sewing machine broke down, we all got sick, and it should be obvious now why I've stayed away from this space for a little bit. You're welcome!

I think we're mostly recovered from our illnesses now, I picked my machine up from service yesterday, and the taxes are mostly done. I have been sewing despite it all, and I even have a couple of finished garments to show you. But not today- no pictures yet, and the items are in the wash. We got winners this time though, so hooray! Still trying to figure out what to do with the loser from the beginning of the month. It's salvageable, but I'm just not sure how yet.

So, what the hell am I doing here? I just popped in to show you the amazing gift that David made me for Christmas this year! I've been wanting to for weeks, but the dreary grey weather would not provide enough light for decent pics, and they really deserve decent pics. See:

Sewing Machine

It's impossible to tell scale here with no reference in the picture, but these are little dollhouse miniatures in a 4.5" x 6.5" frame. Hubby hand painted the models and even padded out the wire dress form with batting and fabric to make it look more realistic! Each model is mounted to a different damask fabric background.

Dress Form

I love them and can't wait to give them an honored spot in my sewing room. They're resting on the mantle right now so I can enjoy them until that happens, because honestly it might be awhile!

Ironing Board

Aren't they awesome?!? He was inspired by an artist that we saw at a craft show here in Seattle- it might have been the Etsy Rain show a couple years back? Anyway, Deviant Decor is all about mounting tiny little strange things like plastic rhino heads to make awesome art. We saw a piece she made with a sewing machine on it, and I thought it was so cool I even went back and pinned it a year later. He pays attention, and now I have my own custom collection of sewing-themed art!

I admit that I didn't make anything half as cool for David this year (poor guy), but I did stitch up a gift for Lincoln that I've been meaning to show you. I'll get some pics and write up a review of the pattern I used sometime soon.

Hope you're coping with the winter better than I am! Is it grey and depressing where you live, too? I love the Pacific Northwest in general, but man- it really does suck this time of year. Stay warm!