February 23, 2013

Coming up for air

Holy. Hell. It's been utter chaos around here for the last few weeks, but we're all still alive and well. Juniper turns one on Monday (insert obligatory comment about time flying, etc), and we're having the family over tomorrow for cake and fawning over her adorableness. I should be cleaning the bathroom right now in preparation for said event, which probably fully explains why I'm here instead. Master of misdirected energy? Yes ma'am!

Anyway, I wanted to take just a second to show you a couple of things that I made recently that turned out to be some great basics, and very wearable additions to my wardrobe:


Look familiar? That's yet another skirt (we're at three now) sewn using New Look 6030, and a sleeved version of Maria Denmark's Day-to-Night Drape top pattern. I added the sleeves as Maria suggests, from the Birgitte Basic Tee, et voila! Perfection as promised! I love it when that happens.

Day to Night Drape 

There's really nothing very interesting to say about these that hasn't already been said. The Day-to-Night Drape top is really cute sleeveless as drafted, and that was my intention with this one in the beginning, but I have very few long sleeve shirts and it's been cold as hell here lately, so I decided to add sleeves. That also meant that I didn't have to apply the elastic to the sleeve opening, which sounded like a win to me.

Textured Stripe Detail

The fabric I used is kind of weird, with an open textured pattern woven in the stripes. I found it, as I do, in the clearance section for $2 or $3 bucks a yard, and I immediately thought it should be a drapey, cowl-necked top. I'm obviously not as inventive as the Cool Kid who works the cutting counter who had also purchased this fabric a few days prior. He was making elbow-length opera gloves out of it. I bet they're awesome, but not quite the look I was after!

I left the sleeves and hem unhemmed, just serged and left them to roll a bit. I think with the casual style of this top, that's fine, and I didn't want to lose any length to hem.


The skirt is just about as basic as it gets! While I do love my other denim skirt, the A-Line and slightly shorter length make it a little bit harder for me to wear. I wanted a workhorse that I could sit on the floor in and not feel like I was being indecent, so I turned to my old friend New Look 6030. This is the exact same view that I used for the Emergency Red Skirt, but I sized down this time to the 8 and I'm much happier with the fit.


I did a little bit of topstitching in a heavy brown/gold jeans thread for classic denim styling. I still might take a sander to the edges to "age" it up a little faster, because the newness of this dark denim looks a little bit weird to me thanks to all the pre-aged denim that I'm used to wearing, but I can also appreciate the crispness of fresh and pristine dark indigo, so I'm still undecided right now.

And now, so as not to leave you with a butt shot, here's another picture of my new basics:

Casual Basics

What kind of staples are in your closet? I admit, I never thought I would turn to this boring straight skirt pattern so many times, but it turns out it's a great fit for my style and my lifestyle. New Look 6030 for the win! Next time though, I'm definitely trying something new! I've got Ginger and Beignet waiting to be muslined, and I really want to try a longer version of Vogue 1247, that Rachel Comey mini that everyone's already made. Love those cool pockets!

Also, my public service announcement of the day: I just went to get that link for NL6030 and it's out of print now. If you fancy it, you better grab a copy while you still can! Happy stitching!