March 6, 2013

Scribbled Briar

Does fabric ever tell you what it wants to be? You try to argue, you tell it no- that's not even something I would wear- but the fabric fights back, and next thing you know, you have a new favorite tee? Well, it happened to me, and this is a fight that I'm actually kind of glad that I lost.

Scribble Briar

You all know Briar, right? Megan Nielsen's latest release is a cute sweater or tee pattern, with a tiny little pocket and an optional high-low hem. Endlessly variable, I kept a pattern for myself when I ordered for the shop (as I often do), even though I don't find the "mullet hem" trend appealing in the least. Probably mostly due to the name, but also because I'm weary of anything too trendy, not wanting to waste my sewing time or fabric on something with no staying power in my wardrobe. Too much bandwagoning and trend-following in my 20's has made me favor classics in my 30's. But anyway- back to Briar and that fight with my fabric.

Pink Scribble Print Briar

I pulled out this goofy pink scribble print when I dug through my stash looking for suitable knits for Junie's pajamas. My unopened Briar pattern was sitting on the table next to me, and I guess the scribbles felt love at first sight, because they absolutely insisted that they not be turned in to wee PJ's, but to be made into a Briar at once. I tried to resist, but my every argument was met with rebuttal, so I eventually caved, if only to prove them wrong.

Briar back

I made up a size small, and I added 5.5" to the length of the cropped hem all around, so it ends right above my belt in the front. No one needs to see my pasty white twice-pregnant belly running around in a crop top! I could have just made the full-length version, I suppose, but that was much longer (2.5" at center front, even more at the sides). I arrived at this length very scientifically, in case you're curious, by holding the paper pattern piece up to myself in front of the mirror and picking a new spot that looked about right. I think it works!

Briar tee

So, as I said, it turns out my fabric knew best, and I love my new Briar. Megan has a knack for making the simplest garments so flattering somehow, I don't know how she does it! Have you made Briar? Or Dixie's Hot Cocoa Sweater, which has a similar vibe? All the cute versions I've seen of that were also inspiring me as I made this up.