April 4, 2013

A fresh start.

Wow, friends- I don't even know where to begin! I have a million things to tell you and lots of change to report on, and it's getting to a point where I feel so behind on sharing here that I can't imagine that I'll ever catch up. But here goes anyway- I'll do my best to bring you all up to speed just a little bit.

So to start with, let's just rewind to October, which (holy crap) is already six(!?!) months ago right now. I told you- I've got some catching up to do! Well anyway- in October my husband David applied for an internal promotion at his company headquarters in Dallas, TX. In case you're just joining the party, we don't actually live anywhere near Dallas, but in Seattle, WA, so this was a pretty big deal and a decision that we did not make lightly. The job was a good match for David's skills and experience, and his five-year tenure with the company gave us a reasonable amount of confidence that it would be a sure thing. We starting planning to uproot and move 2300 miles across the country.

And then, in January, a full THREE agonizing months later (seriously?), we got the news that the position had been filled by another (outside) candidate. (Really guys? Honestly?) But wait- there might be another position in Dallas that they may or may not be creating that he may or may not be a perfect fit for. But no- they absolutely can't share any details because it's all in preliminary planning stages and is quite confidential at this point. So yeah, don't call us, we'll call you. Or we won't. Probably won't. So maybe don't wait by the phone, k? Thx! Bye! Ugh!

Meanwhile, back at home, we had just spent three months prepping for a huge drastic life change. I mean, you don't just move from liberal, kinda dreary Seattle to the heart of Texas- land of sunshine and big hair and right-wing cowboys without doing some serious mental exercises first! We agonized over leaving our families behind and uprooting our kids, but we were also totally ready for an adventure and a change. Also, we really needed it, financially speaking. So all this to say that by the time we heard that he didn't get the job, we were already fully on a path to go. Somewhere, anywhere, let's just get while the gettin's good!

And here's my PSA for the day: if you've never spent an extended period of time with one foot out the door, I can honestly say I don't recommend it. It was like we had senior-itis, or it was the last week at a job you can't wait to leave- where you just stop giving a shit about everything- but applied to our whole lives for months! We had eaten everything in the pantry and freezer and stopped restocking basics like TP and pasta so we wouldn't have to move or waste anything. We had packed boxes of little-used crap and stacked them all over our downstairs living area, and I had pretty much abandoned any and all cleaning rituals I once had, because eh, what's the point? We'll be leaving any day, and everything will get a deep cleaning then! Oh, Lincoln spilled juice on the area rug? Whatever! We won't be bothering to move it anyway, so who cares? It was seriously ugly. We were living in chaos and it was making it even harder to imagine staying, which was looking more and more like our only option.

So, February brought another job opportunity a bit closer to home (Oregon), which seemed promising but also ultimately didn't pan out, and we realized that we really just needed to stop and refocus. We needed to take our house back, and we needed a new plan. And we thought we better start with our bedroom, which we were sharing with Juniper, who was about to turn one. See, our house has three bedrooms, but only two upstairs on the main floor. One for us, and one for the kids- or so we thought before we actually had any. The reality was that neither Lincoln or Juniper slept well enough to share a room as we had originally planned, so Juniper, along with her crib, changing table, rocking chair, and assorted other baby paraphernalia had occupied our room for a year.

We might have done it sooner, but changing one thing meant changing everything, and we had been avoiding that idea in favor of simply packing everything up and leaving town. It honestly seemed like the simpler choice! But we couldn't stay like this either, it just wasn't healthy. Quite literally! Scrub that floor, already, would ya? Blech!

So we bit the bullet. And it did mean changing absolutely everything. We moved Lincoln into the bigger bedroom upstairs that we had been sharing with Junie. We moved Juniper into the smaller room that had been Lincoln's. We moved ourselves into the downstairs bedroom that had been my sewing room, and my sewing room got relocated to a corner of the downstairs living area. In the process, we painted, shifted, rearranged, purged, and ended up completely reorganizing and cleaning out a storage room, the laundry room, both bathrooms, and a couple of closets as well. No room was safe, and we're just now (over a month later) feeling pretty much (re)settled. And it's so great! Everyone has room to breathe now, and a space to call their own. Everything has a home again! Sure, things may change and it may all need to be moved again, but we just couldn't keep living with one foot out the door.

So yeah- it's been pretty intense around here! And in the midst of it all Juniper turned one, I turned 33, and we had our first vacation away from the kiddos ever, spending a week in beautiful and vibrant New Orleans! And there's so much still to share! This big ol' post was just the tip of the iceberg. And yes, of course, I've been sewing too! But I had to start somewhere, and thought a little background/catch up was in order. So there you go. That's the gist of last six months in a few hundred words. Whew!

And by the way, if you read this far, thanks for listening! You're amazing and I'm so grateful to have this space to vent. I know I'm kind of flighty, and I ignore you for weeks at a time, but eventually I come back. Thanks so much for sticking around! You're the best.