April 5, 2013

Vogue 1027

**First, I want to say thanks so much for all the kind comments on yesterday's post! It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who gets all rattled and can't quite function properly under stress. You guys are the best! And now, the story of Vogue 1027:

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away- I made this dress. Actually, it was only like three or four weeks ago, but it sure seems like forever at this point. I kind of went on a mad mission to make myself a whole bunch of pretty new things to take with me on my first ever (w00t!) vacation away from the kids, and this dress was part of that madness.

I bought Vogue 1027 ages ago based on the cover art (how weird is that? A pattern cover that's not a HUGE turn-off? Amazing!) and then I saw that there are about fifty bajillion positive reviews on Pattern Review. Also Patty's is awesome. And Katie's is perfection and she totally looks like a ballerina in it, just like the lovely cover models. AND it's a Pattern Review best pattern of 2008. ALSO POCKETS!! So just go buy it already, geez! You won't regret it.

So, like I said, I made this up before my trip to New Orleans using some cool plaid jersey that I got (as usual) months ago on mega clearance for cheap. I think that the colors are slightly reminiscent of early 90's-era bathroom decor, but for whatever reason I love it anyway.

Vogue 1027

I finally got around to taking a couple pictures after I wore it for the first time on Easter last Sunday, where it proved very comfortable and nice for lounging outside on the gorgeous sunny day that we had for egg-hunting and family gathering. And yes, that means that I didn't even take it to New Orleans, but that's a whole 'nother story.

I made a size 10 with no alterations other than the 6.25" that I shortened it at the hem. What Vogue calls "calf length" would be more like ankle-grazing on my 5' 2" frame, and I didn't have enough fabric for that much skirt anyway. And I should point out that according to the envelope measurements I should have made the size 14, but the words "semi-fitted" in reference to the bodice made me reconsider before I cut. And I'm glad I did! I just don't think a loose-fitting jersey dress like this would look that great, or stay on my shoulders, or keep the girls undercover enough for me to feel comfortable in it.

Vogue 1027 in plaid jersey

Construction is basic and straightforward- maybe even a little too simplistic (neckline, I'm looking at you!) but overall, I really like the finished product. And despite (or maybe because of) my fabric's high poly content, it pressed nicely and was a total dream to work with. Case in point- my hem came out perfectly flat and way nicer than that wrinkly one on the pattern envelope. I'm just sayin'.

And since I did first wear this dress on Easter, it seems only right to also share some pics of the adorable kiddos doing their thing, right? Juniper's really walking now, but as much as she wanted to get in on the action she couldn't quite keep up with Lincoln and cousin Fiona as they gathered the Easter Bunny's gifts from the yard.


But look- she's fully vertical!


And just one more- look at my adorable babies!

Easter kiddos

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter too!